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Managing your finances while traveling can add to the stress.

Tips to Track Finances on Your Travels

Let’s be honest.  Traveling is an adventure, but unfortunately, traveling can become a misadventure too. There are always things that have the chance of going wrong while you’re on your travels. Of all of those bad scenarios, there are few …

Of course, one has to stop at the Eiffel tower in Paris, as one of our Travel tips to Visit France

Travel Tips to Visit France

France continues to be among the most visited countries in the world. This country has so much to offer, including some of the world’s most iconic landmarks (hello Eiffel Tower), touristy spots, legendary French cuisine, and champagne! But where do

For business travelers, an apartment is often the best option for where to stay for seasoned travelers.

Where to Stay for Seasoned Travelers

Do you have a passion for traveling? Perhaps back in the day, you might have considered roughing it by camping, hoofing your journey via backpacking, or staying in budget hotels or hostels. If you’re over 50 and/or a seasoned traveler, …

Need a reason to visit Colorado Springs? How about this travel hack? $20 room nights at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Travel Hack: Colorado Springs Hotel Room for $20 Bucks

To celebrate Cheyenne Mountain Resort joining the prestigious Dolce Hotel Brand, this Colorado Springs Hotel is offering hotel rooms for $20 room nights. From family gatherings surrounded by scenic vistas to grand adventures throughout the Pikes Peak Region, the Cheyenne …

Don't miss a chance to visit the picturesque city of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Where to Vacation in Northern Europe

Northern Europe might not have the weather that the south of the continent can boast about, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go there. There is so much to see and discover, and if you’ve never been to countries in

Get ready to ride with these 12 tips for motorcycle road trips.

Tips for Motorcycle Road Trips

The open road. Exploring and experiencing new destinations on two wheels. Oh yes, motorcycle road trips are magical, aren’t they? But riding a motorcycle on multi-day, long road trips are more involved than packing a bag for a quick scoot. …

Forbidden. Exciting. Colorful. Timeworn and magical. Tips when traveling to Cuba

Cuba Travel Tips: What You Need to Know

Forbidden. Exciting. Colorful. Timeworn and magical. When I think of Cuba, I picture vibrant colors, old cars, cobbled and busy streets, historic architecture, music and dancing, enticing Caribbean beaches, and cigars.  Read on for an overview of Cuba and say

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