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Get ready to ride with these 12 tips for motorcycle road trips.

Tips for Motorcycle Road Trips

The open road. Exploring and experiencing new destinations on two wheels. Oh yes, motorcycle road trips are magical, aren’t they? But riding a motorcycle on multi-day, long road trips are more involved than packing a bag for a quick scoot. …

Forbidden. Exciting. Colorful. Timeworn and magical. Tips when traveling to Cuba

Cuba Travel Tips: What You Need to Know

Forbidden. Exciting. Colorful. Timeworn and magical. When I think of Cuba, I picture vibrant colors, old cars, cobbled and busy streets, historic architecture, music and dancing, enticing Caribbean beaches, and cigars.  Read on for an overview of Cuba and say

The Best Holidays to Travel

With so many families separated by miles, continents and time zones, it’s difficult enough to coordinate travel schedules amongst family members. When making plans to travel, the question most often asked is what are the best holidays to travel?…

5 things not to wear on long haul flights

5 Things Not to Wear for a Long Haul Flight

With the shrinking airline seat, it’s difficult enough to get comfortable on an airplane. But when you’re not dressed comfortably, those long flights can seem even more agonizing. You can find travel tips on what to pack for your trip, …

Time to Talk Travel, Tips On Great Travel Spots

We can think of no other topic better than travel and no better social media platform than Blab to talk travel, tips on great travel spots. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a hot cup of tea or your favorite …

Luggage Review: Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0 Spinner

Oh the endless search for the perfect carry-on bag. I’ve been mostly content with my spinner Samsonite luggage set, a Christmas present from my daughter a couple of years ago. However, I’m always searching for the really perfect suitcase. The …