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After 50: Travel, Family, and Life. Traveling In Heels inspires women after 50 to explore and experience life and travel the world. We are moms, grandmoms, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. We love to travel, and we are also active at home (cooking, exploring our own backyard, participating in family activities.) We invite you to ride along on the rollercoaster of life after 50.TravelingInHeels.com After 50: Travel, Life, Family

We tend to write about our own vacations — the destinations, cities, resorts, and hotels that we’ve experienced firsthand. Typically that means we’re covering North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Of course, if we jet off to Italy next year, or one of us moves her family to Costa Rica for six months, you can bet we’ll be writing about it!

TravelingInHeels.com comes to travel; annually we take dozens of trips for business and pleasure. We’re all about traveling whether with our family, significant others, girlfriends or solo, the ultimate goal to explore the world and its varied cultures, make new friends, and return home recharged — and ready to travel again.

TravelingInHeels.com Founder & Editor Diana Rowe

Diana Rowe, Travel Writer, Blogger, Photographer

Hello and welcome to my world! I am a freelance Writer, editor, photographer, and multigenerational family travel expert. My writing career has spanned more than two decades. And life after 50 couldn’t be any more amazing!

With pad and pen, laptop and imagination, I’ve explored the world, with and without my family, resulting in dozens of published articles with my byline.

While that is an amazing career, what is most important to me and numero uno is my growing multigenerational family. I am a wife, mom, stepmom, grandmom, aunt, sister, daughter, and daughter-in-law.

Currently, my blended and multi-generational family consists of 5 adult children (4 daughters and 1 son), 8 grandchildren, a husband, and one dog.  Recently, my 83-year-old mother-in-law, who needed some assistance, moved from Kansas to join our home.

My favorite traveling partners are my grandkids — and sometimes I even let their parents tag along! I want to inspire other grandparents to travel with their adult children and grandchildren to create new and lasting memories as a multigenerational family.  Seriously! The. Most. Fun. Ever.

And I want to open the conversation that Life after 50 is not the end — it’s the beginning!

Here at TravelingInHeels.com and LifeAfter50.us, I like to write about travel, but I also like to get real and talk about Life After 50.  I’ll also add product reviews (from travel to products for the home), the latest travel news, and helpful travel tips.

I am the founder of TravelingInHeels.com (and LifeAfter50.us), co-founder and chief winer at WineLoversVillage.com, and editor and resident Traveling Grandmom at TravelingMom.  Recently, I added Publisher and Editor of hyperlocal Macaroni Kid Arvada – Wheat Ridge – Golden (Colorado).



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