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Magical Kingdom of Disney

Disney3737As far back as I can remember, my niece always wanted to go to “Disney.” She didn’t want the exotic, passport-requiring destinations like when her sister visited Panama’s Gamboa Resort.

When we drove into the Disney kingdoms, it was all …

Family Friendly Golden, Colorado Buffalo Bill’s Days

Baby blue cotton candy, corn dogs swirled in mustard, fresh popped popcorn, twirling merry-go-rounds, chatter of carnies, cheers of crowds during demolition derby. Smell of 4H livestock – which I call the “smell of money.” Summer is the best time …


Bahamas mama adventure begins — again!

HotelRiuPalacePardiseIslandUPDATE: August 18, 2010  Bahamas mama adventure returns. I fly out on Friday with my girlfriend aka BFF and her husband. Updates a-coming.

*UPDATE June 21, 2010 : Unfortunately, I had to cancel this trip at the last minute due

Motorcycle Road Trip: Telluride, Colorado

Colorado is all about the outdoors. Pick a season, any season, and you’ll find plenty to do including some amazing motorcycle road trips. Telluride was in for a treat, when two of my best (and hottest!) biker mamas agreed to …


Chiang Mai adventure

DSC_9745Hello all! Dubai day #2 will have to wait…It was a whirlwind day, then night, then boarding another flight for Bangkok, dropping exhausted into bed, only to have to wake early to catch another flight to Chiang Mai. I’ve been …