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Winter Wonderlands of Yellowstone National Park


Always on my bucket list, Yellowstone National Park is one of those iconic Americana destinations. We’re talking Old West fun — where the buffalo roam, scenery laden road trips, and not to forget Old Faithful. But Yellowstone National Park in the winter? Sub zero temps? Yes, I hesitated, but the winter wonderlands of Yellowstone National Park did not disappoint –and yes you should!

Winter wonderland Yellowstone National Park
Winter wonderland Yellowstone National Park

You might recall that I’m not a big fan of winter. Sub-zero temperatures have me yearning for white sand beaches. But winter adventures do have their good points. Take my recent trip to the winter wonderlands of Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park in the Winter

To begin a trip in sub zero weather is a true test of character — and how well you packed. After a minor delay from Denver, we landed at Jackson Hole Airport, were quickly transported to Flagg Ranch and then picked up by a Xanterra Parks & Resorts snow-coach. We bundled in the classic transportation in the below freezing temperatures, layering clothes and tucking blankets around us.

Our adventure included a frozen throttle, not a fun experience on ice and snow packed backroads. Our driver and guide Zack referred to it as a “winter cruise control.”

Winter in Yellowstone National Park includes a ride in the Snowcat.
Winter in Yellowstone National Park includes a ride in the Snowcat.

Where to Stay: Old Faithful Snow Lodge

All was forgiven once we checked into Xanterra’s 100-room Old Faithful Snow Lodge, a comfortable lodge perfect for the Yellowstone winter adventure. The homey lobby included crackling logs in a welcome fireplace. I admit I was impressed by their dining room menu, including many sustainable foods found close by such as bison.

The next day we piled into another Xanterra snowcat headed toward Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. Along the way, again in the sub zero temps, we enjoyed wildlife and nature sightings beginning barely 5 minutes en route with a lone bison grazing 50 yards from a large herd and continuing with trumpeter swans.

Mother Nature at its Best

And then there were the geysers, mud pots, mountain and valley views, and wintery scenery along the way. Pictures underestimate the true beauty of Mother Nature at Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Bison

An early morning wake-up call is the only way to enjoy a naturalist-guided Yellowstone Association Institute’s wolf watch.

Although we weren’t lucky enough to experience wolf sightings, I was amazed at the herd of bison including the baby calves running down the road, their warm breaths steaming behind them.

Other sightings included elk, coyote and again Mother Nature’s paintbrush on the winter landscape.

Coyote Yellowstone National Park

Tranquility at Old Faithful

When we returned to Old Faithful’s Snow Lodge the next day, I eagerly anticipated another early morning walk in the lodge’s backyard of Upper Geyser Basin for my first glimpse of Old Faithful.

I wasn’t disappointed — the gushing geyser and its sister geysers gurgled their underground water source up to the sky in steamy bursts during my 45-minute walk. The only distractions were the occasional geyser gazer and two coyotes trekking their way along the man-made boardwalk in search of their next meal.

I followed Yellowstone National Park with a quick ski trip to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort unpacking again at Hotel Terra.


Winter inYellowstone National Park



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