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Baltimore, home of the Star Spangled Banner, with a busy harbor where you can often see the American Flag waving.

Baltimore, Home of the Star Spangled Banner

One of Maryland’s largest cities, Baltimore is colorful and diverse. The city is known for its scenic and always busy harbor; quirky, distinct neighborhoods; and unique museums. Baltimore is Home of the Star Spangled Banner, and get inspired with these …


Family Travel, Grandma Taxi and VolunteerSpot

A single mom, 2 daughters, multiple school and sports activities – that was me at what seemed like a minute ago. Flash forward a couple of decades to me and my husband, 2 married daughters, 2 stepdaughters, 1 “adopted” son, …

McClure Pass Colorado

Snowmass to McClure Pass: Colorado Motorcycle Ride

Why ride in Colorado? When you crave the rush of wind on your face, nothing separates you from the outdoors when you’re on your motorcycle in Colorado. One of my favorite Colorado Motorcycle Ride is the Snowmass to McClure Pass …

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