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Get Social, Photos on the Go: InstantlyFramed

I love taking photos on the go, and from my Facebook feed, I can say most everyone enjoys sharing their photos. From capturing that magic moment when traveling with the grandkids to our recent “adult” kids’ travels  celebrating one of our daughter’s 30th birthday in Portland, magic moments happen everywhere. We’re snapping pictures and sharing via social media, from Instagram to Facebook, and sharing digitally.  More often than not, we capture an amazing photo – but it simply fades away, stored into the backdrop of social media. Enter a whole new way to get social: Photos on the Go Instantly Framed.

InstantlyFramed app
InstantlyFramed app

Photos on the Go Instantly Framed

Say hello to InstantlyFramed, a new app that takes your Instagram photos, and creates lasting memories to in a framed print mailed to your home. InstantlyFramed is a really easy app to use to convert your digital photos from Instagram, Facebook and/or your iPhone/iPad camera roll.

The InstantlyFramed Steps

Currently, InstantlyFramed is only available in the Apple store, so I wasn’t able to use it on my Samsung 5 phone. Therefore, I downloaded the Free App onto my iPad.  Then started surfing my Instagram and Facebook photos.  Remember that amazing Portland trip with my adult kids?  In the midst of my social sharing was a great photo of me and m two oldest daughters. This is just the sort of photo that gets lost in the timeline of social media.

I clicked on the app, selected the photo below (From Instagram) – and believe me, the hardest part was deciding WHICH photo.

Love #family 2 beautiful daughters I am blessed #PDXNow

A photo posted by Diana Rowe (@dianalrowe) on

Then follow the prompts to preview and edit your photo.  Then it’s off to Print, Frame and Ship.

The whole process was easy-peasy. It took more time to choose the photo, than order the framed print.

InstantlyFramed App is easy to use.
InstantlyFramed App is easy to use.

What You Need To Know

  • WHO: InstantlyFramed
    WHAT: a smart phone application that provides an easy process for printing, framing, and shipping your photos right from your phone. Whether it be your Instagram photos, Facebook photos, or a photos from your camera roll, you can upload it in no time and have it to your home in 3 business days.
    WHERE: To get started, simply download InstantlyFramed app here
    DETAILS AND PRICING: Flat rate of $65*   Includes an archival print on photo luster paper placed behind an acid-free mat in our 12×12” American-made, sustainably farmed walnut wood frame, and includes free 3-day shipping anywhere in the continental US.
  • *COUPON ALERT: $55 with discount code ROWE10, expires Sunday, March 8, 2015

    InstantlyFramed, photo from Portland vacation with daughters.
    InstantlyFramed, photo from Portland vacation with daughters.

InstantlyFramed provided a framed photo to review; opinions expressed are our own.

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