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Why You Should Download the Dosh App

Shop all the brands, hotels, attractions and more and earn cash back with Dosh App.

Since August, I’ve written a long list of reasons why you should download the Dosh App.  The biggest reason is simple – easy cash back!  I’ve wrapped all those reasons and brought them into one place for your review. So go ahead, read on — and then download Dosh and get ready to save!

Get cash back by downloading the Dosh App
Get cash back by downloading the Dosh App. Photo credit: Dosh

I first downloaded the Dosh app the end of July and used it for a few weeks before writing my first post.  I waited that long because I’m not much of an app aficionado, and I’m definitely not a coupon-cutting kind of gal. Nor do I like to work hard to save money.  But like most folks, I do like to save money when I’m shopping, dining out and traveling.   That’s why I wrote my first review of the Dosh App and how it IS a cash back winner!

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Dosh App: Cash Back is Cool

I listed many reasons why cash back is cool and why you should download the Dosh App on my Dosh App Review: Cash Back Winner, but here’s a quick overview:

1. Download the Dosh App

This is the first step — and it’s easy peasy! But until you download, your total cash back will be nada. Download the app and get ready to earn cash back.  It’s only been 8 months since Dosh launched, but they’ve become really a big deal. Since April 2017, Dosh has welcomed over 3 million Doshers into their community and put over $15 million cash back into our pockets!

2. Link One or More Credit Cards

How Dosh App works
Cash Back. Download the Dosh App!

In order to earn that cash back, link one or all of your credit and debit cards to the Dosh Wallet. (I linked my debit card and my primary credit card.) And if you’re worried about safety issues, be assured that Dosh’s technology passed the most stringent of security tests to protect your data.

3. How Dosh Works

Dosh searches for cash and chases it down – relentlessly searching out offers to give cash back to users. Using its breakthrough technology Dosh puts money back into the pockets of consumers and businesses alike and eliminates the wasted spend from advertising and most transactions.

4. Earn Cash Back

Go forth and shop, dine or travel. Spend as you normally would and use the above credit card(s). Feel free to open your app and through its GPS signal, Dosh will alert you of deals and rebates nearby — from restaurants to retail stores.

Now the best part about these deals.  No need to scan UPC codes. Forget about taking photos of receipts. No mail-in rebates or promo codes needed. You don’t even have to show ’em the deal on your phone. Then boom — you get cash back automatically into your account.

No hassle cash back with the Dosh App

5. Travel Earns Cash Back Too!

And don’t forget that Dosh is a great tool when traveling. Open the Dosh app and let it work for you with its suggested nearby restaurants or retail stores.  Remember that Dosh is a great way to save money on hotels with cash back — and that $25 bonus on your first hotel booking with Dosh.

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DOSH Cash Back Gets Better

Like cash back? Why you should download the Dosh App.

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