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DOSH Cash Back Gets Better

Read how DOSH Cash Back Gets Better -- and then download the app!

By now, I’m likely preaching to the choir. Because I’ve already encouraged you to open up your smartphone and download DOSH Cash app. But only if you want more cash in your pocket. But wait..there’s more. DOSH Cash Back Gets Better by upping the ante and offering $15 referral offer.
Read how DOSH Cash Back Gets Better -- and then download the app!

Dosh Cash Back

Back in August, I first wrote my Dosh App Review, and I’ve been a fan since.  Forget the coupons, just download the app, link your credit card — and boom, you’re saving money. In September, Dosh added a double cash back deal just for dining out at local restaurants.

Last month, I reminded everyone how awesome that Dosh Offers Cash Back on Holiday Online Shopping — and what better time than the holidays?

Travel and Get Cash Back with Dosh

And then there’s that ongoing amazing option for booking your hotel stay on DOSH and receiving cash back. When you book hotels on Dosh, you get guaranteed cash back every night of your stay. Did you know that when you book on Dosh at least six days in advance, you get up to 15% more cash back?

More cash back on early hotel bookings by downloading the DOSH app.

And don’t forget about that extra cash back bonus. When booking your first hotel room, you’ll get paid to sleep, an extra $25 on your first hotel booking on DOSH.

DOSH Cash Back Gets Better

Got all that.  Now, are you ready for more?  For a limited time, now until 12/1/2017, Dosh is giving $15 to any user who signs up new users. That means for each person you refer, you get $15 just for them downloading the app and linking a credit card. DOSH still gives $5 to each person who then links their card. There is no cap on the number of people you can refer. That means DOSH Cashback keeps getting better.

Ok, what are you waiting for? Download the DOSH app and let’s get cash back together! (And thank you for supporting my blog with this DOSH affiliate link.)

Ready how DOSH Cash Back just got better.
DOSH Cash Back just got better. Photo: DOSH


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by DOSH, but opinions expressed are my own.


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