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Dosh App Review: Cash Back Winner

Get cash back by downloading the Dosh App

Confession…I am not a coupon kind of gal. Nor am I much of an app aficionado.  But I do like to save money. I’m all about shopping too. And I say hell yeah to saving money when I travel…so I can travel more. Yet I don’t want it to be a JOB, right? When given the opportunity to try the DOSH app, I admit I had some misgivings. Read on to see my Dosh App review, how it works, and if it truly is a cash back winner.

Get cash back by downloading the Dosh App
Get cash back by downloading the Dosh App. Photo credit: Dosh

Cash back is cool, but I just don’t have time to chase deals. Are you with me? I work full-time. I like to spend time with the grandkids, my adult children, my friends. Clipping coupons, scanning receipts, or even entering data in order to receive rebates, refunds or cash back — just not for me.

And here’s how Dosh had me.  Read on for my Dosh App review.

Download the Dosh App

Gotta download the Dosh App to get started. I know — not another app, right?  But trust me, the time spent downloading and adding your personal info will be rewarded with cash back. (Download on App Store or Google Play.

If you’re like me, you’ll likely hesitate when it asks you to add credit card info to any more apps.  But Dosh’s technology has passed security tests to protect your data — perhaps even less more protection than physically handing your credit card to a merchant or waiter at a restaurant to swipe.

How Dosh App works
Cash Back. Download the Dosh App!

Link One or More Credit Cards

Link one or all of your credit and debit cards to the Dosh Wallet. Totally up to you.   I originally linked only my primary credit card, that I use when I travel, but with all the local deals and opportunities for cash back at home, I actually went back in and also added my debit card.

Here’s why: When I’m at home, I more often use my debit card for purchases — restaurants, shopping, etc. When I’m traveling, I leave my debit card at home (so as not risk having it stolen and giving someone access to my cash in my bank account).

Cash Back Starts Local

Traveling and receiving cash back is awesome. But the cool thing about DOSH is you don’t have to leave home to get cash back.  (We’ll get to travel next.) Open up the app and it’ll offer local cash back deals. Simply select “offers” and voila!

Dosh App offers painless cash back on local deals.


How it Works: The app hones in on deals nearby, sorted by the distance from your current location. My local offers included cash back from Burger King, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and Cost Plus World Market, to name a few.

Now the best part about these deals.  No need to scan UPC codes. Forget about taking photos of receipts. No mail-in rebates or promo codes needed. You don’t even have to show ’em the deal on your phone. Then boom — you get cash back automatically into your account.

No hassle cash back with the Dosh App


Cash Back When Traveling

Travel is expensive.  And booking hotel rooms can be one of the biggest expenses, even when shopping around and in advance.

Early this summer, while road tripping to Oregon, I lost my driving mo-jo (after 12 hours on the interstate), and had to stop for a hotel room.  That happened to me recently just outside of Boise.  I handed my phone to my grandson, who opened the DOSH app, clicked on the travel button, which revealed several hotel options nearby. There you go with another cash back deposited by simply using my linked credit card.

Dosh app offers cash back on travel with hotel deals.

From restaurants, hotels, attractions, and activities, all you have to do is download the Dosh App and let IT do the cash back work was way cool. Online shopper — no problem, there’s an option for that too!  So many brands, so little time — but with Dosh, you’ll receive cash back, so you can shop maybe just a little more, right?

Shop all the brands, hotels, attractions and more and earn cash back with Dosh App.



How to Get Dosh

Read to give Dosh a try?  Download Dosh here. You’ll get $5.00 Dosh cash just for signing up. Add additional credit cards to your profile for more Dosh credits. Plus, when referring your own friends, you will receive an additional $5.00 in Dosh credit.

How to Earn Cash Back on travel, dining, activities, and attractions.

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