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Get ready to sleep with these 4 best travel pillows for the long haul flight

Best Travel Pillows For Long Haul Flights

While there are so many inconveniences when traveling by plane, perhaps the most frustrating is trying to get some sleep in already cramped quarters. But travelers need rest, and so we buy and try one after another travel pillows, not …

Get ready to pack your bags with these tips for adventure travel over 50.

3 Tips for Adventure Travel Over 50

Who said vacations have to get boring after 50? Too often, we start living like our lives are already over the moment we hit 50. Just like that, we start taking “gentle” vacations. And we suddenly started saying no to …

Life begins at 50 and so does adventure travel.

Guide to Adventure Travel for Over 50

I’ve always said, life begins after 50, and I believe that. Traveling for that next big adventure is a right of passage as we get older, but we also have to be honest with ourselves. Whether you prefer to pursue …

Have problems sleeping when traveling? These 8 top tips to get plenty of sleep while traveling will help

Top 8 Tips to Get Plenty of Sleep While Traveling

A change in environment can be the ultimate boon especially when you know it’s vacation time. You’ve said goodbye to the lousy weather, and you know that you will be spending the next few weeks basking in the sun on …

No matter how amazing the photos on the hotel's website, always read hotel reviews.

4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Hotel

With so many hotels and so little time, how do you choose the right hotel for you and your family? When planning your next vacation, destinations are often the first priority in your mind — and rightly so, as you

Use these simple tips to make your 2018 Travel Dreams Come True

How to Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

With the new year upon us, it is time to focus on what we’ve all been waiting for — putting together our travel plans. Traveling is just so exciting, offering us something to plan for, look forward to, and make

Get on board with these tips to stay healthy when traveling.

6 Tips to Stay Healthy When Traveling

No denying that travel can be stressful. And with that stress, travelers almost literally come across germs and viruses at every corner and each of their assigned seats.  Traveling in close proximity to others at an airport or other public …

Get ready to ride with these 12 tips for motorcycle road trips.

Tips for Motorcycle Road Trips

The open road. Exploring and experiencing new destinations on two wheels. Oh yes, motorcycle road trips are magical, aren’t they? But riding a motorcycle on multi-day, long road trips are more involved than packing a bag for a quick scoot. …

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