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Road Trips

With these great American road trip tips, get ready to pack the car and see the U.S

Family Road Trip Safety Tips

Family road trips are the best!  But it also can result in potentially bad situations. When it comes to driving safely, road safety is what it’s all about. Being aware of others around you and making sure you’re on it

Ready for that Great American Road Trip, consider these tips for planning a fly and drive road trip to cover more miles sooner.

Tips for Planning a Fly and Drive Road Trip

Those who know me and/or read my articles, already know: I am a HUGE fan of road trips. To stretch your road trip mileage, I will often fly to a location to explore even more areas of the country.  These …

Pre-planning is at the top of the list of winter road trip tips. Photo: Pixabay

Winter Road Trip Tips

We all love a good road trip and no one is more so than those of us blessed to live in North America, but have you ever considered road tripping in the winter? While certainly road conditions can be challenging, …

What are the top features you can expect to find in a small Class C RV?

Top Features in a Small Class C RV

So you’re ready to take the next step on your RV adventures and purchase your recreational vehicle. You’ve weighed your options and you’re eyeing a smaller motorhome. Yet you’re still unsure? We’re filling in the blanks with this post on …

The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset!

Why RV Road Trips Are The Best

Road trips are usually fun but they can quickly turn into chaos with tight schedules, flight delays, and not enough planned time. To me, a perfect vacation is when I manage to see and do everything on my list. But …

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