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Ways to Help Your Child Overcome the Trauma of Car Accident

Travel is fun and adventurous for all ages, but sometimes tragedy does strike including car accidents. And it’s best to be prepared especially when traveling with your family. Consider these ways to help your child overcome the trauma of car accident.

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Ways to Help Your Child Overcome the Trauma of Car Accident

Just as car accidents can be traumatic for adults, they can have the same effect on kids. You can’t always keep your kid safe, especially if they’re the ones behind the wheel. You also can’t control how other people drive on the road too.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is very common in car accidents, and it’s completely valid too. Car accidents do have a way of changing people’s lives. How can you help your kid deal with the trauma of car accident?

Consider pre-planning for potential misadventures on your travels. From flat tires to car accidents, unfortunately, misadventures can also be a part of your upcoming vacation. Read our ways to help your child overcome the trauma of car accident.

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Spend More Time With Your Child

Spend more time with your child before the trauma of a car accident. Photo: Pixabay

The quality of your time with your child makes a big difference in their ability to overcome the trauma of a car accident. Spending a day or a few hours with your child helps them feel more connected to you. This can positively impact their mental health. One of the best ways to ensure that you and your child have quality time together is to set aside a specific time each day for connecting.

This doesn’t have to be formal, even something as simple as letting your child choose and read a book with you at bedtime. In addition, continue this tradition when your child suffers from a traumatic event and struggles with emotions. But even if they don’t seem traumatized, they may still deal with many issues.

Talk About the Accident

While tragic, accidents while traveling can happen — here are ways to help your child overcome the trauma of car accidents Photo: Unsplash

After a car accident, children often need to talk about it in great detail. This helps them overcome their fear, anger, and confusion. No matter what type of traumatic experience it was; it’s so important that they do not bottle up their feelings. These feelings and thoughts need to come out; they have to come out.

It’s also important to let the child choose who they want to talk to, whether it’s you, a friend, another family member, a teacher, or even a child therapist. Give them a chance to release their feelings and talk about them, but try not to force them into it.

Open Up

Many kids believe that their parents are immune to everything. Whether or not you were in this car accident, open up about your feelings and your fears. Let them know how you work towards overcoming fears. Whether they were injured in a car accident or you were, it’s still essential to talk about this and be transparent about your feelings.

Make Short and Long-Term Plans

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), or general trauma doesn’t magically go away. It will take time, and as a parent, you need to be proactive in sorting this out. Help your child overcome the trauma of a car accident by making short and long-term plans to help them cope. These plans will focus on allowing your child to take a small step forward each day as they work towards her recovery goals. Give them the time they need and the attention necessary to heal. Stay patient with them throughout this entire process.

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