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Things To Do After A Bicycling Accident

bicycling accident

Whether you’re traveling or biking near your home, safety is the top priority when riding a bicycle. However, no matter how safe you are, the odds are against you. Read on for our tips on things to do after a bicycling accident.

Many cities are offering ebikes for rent, but when you're in the market to purchase your own ebike.
Many cities are offering ebikes for rent, but when you’re in the market to purchase your own ebike. Photo: Pixabay

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Things To Do After A Bicycling Accident

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time, but there is never a zero-percent chance of being in an accident. It could be due to other road users like drivers, or it could be road conditions, and from time to time, it comes from misjudgment.

Accidents happen occasionally; sometimes, you are with others, others alone. Consider the following tips on things to do after bicycling accident.

Tip: It is a good idea to have a first aid certificate for those times you cycle with a group; visit site to find out more.

Take Care of Yourself First

bicycling accident
When in a bicycling accident, take care of yourself first. Photo: Unsplash

Depending on the circumstances, treat a bicycling accident just like you would an automobile accident.  Get yourself out of harm’s way and to safety. Often in these circumstances, you may feel light-headed, which is normal.

But it doesn’t help with intelligent decision-making.  If it is you that has been in the accident, remember that injuries can be worse than they feel at the time, sure to adrenalin.

Then Others

After taking a moment to assess the situation, you can decide on the best course of action. Often calling the emergency services is the first thing, but you might be required to perform CPR in the interim. If you often cycle as a group, it is vital that more than one person has taken the qualification.

Carrying a small first aid kit can be useful too. It can be risky to move someone injured. Where possible, set up a perimeter to prevent further incidents.

Other parties

Safety first when bicycling whether at home or on your travels. Photo: Unsplash

Cyclists aren’t usually the ones to cause the accident, which means in most cases, there will be a driver involved. For those cyclists who have a head camera, gathering details and information will be easier.

For those without, make sure that you grab a mobile phone and record the conversation, and if possible, have the driver write down their details too. Take a photo of the scene.

It’s not just cars that cause problems. It can also be people’s animals, get details even if it is the latter.


Be adventurous and spontaneous when planning your next vacation.
Be adventurous and spontaneous when planning your next vacation. Photo: Pixabay

Unless the accident happened in a very secluded area, there are likely to be witnesses.

Even if you don’t wish to take further action against the driver or other party, collect the details from the witnesses.

For cases where the collision was very harmful and caused serious injury, they may go to court, and witnesses are important.


If the accident was caused by road conditions like potholes, uneven ground, or other issues, these should be reported to your local authority as they are dangerous to others.

When the accident was caused by a driver or a person, this should be reported to the police.


The idea of having an accident is something that puts many people off cycling, but in truth, whole countries thrive using cycling networks – so long as safety is the number one priority. So, here are some of the most fun places you can cycle: 5 Amazing Travel Destinations: Cycling in Slovakia

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