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Why RV Road Trips Are The Best

The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset!

Road trips are usually fun but they can quickly turn into chaos with tight schedules, flight delays, and not enough planned time. To me, a perfect vacation is when I manage to see and do everything on my list. But when traveling that’s not always possible, right? Well, perhaps it is if you consider why RV road trips are the best. Read on for our reasons why you should consider a motorhome vacation.

The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset!
The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset! Photo: Unsplash

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Why RV Road Trips Are The Best

With a motorhome, it is possible and there is no need to be bothered about driving back to a hotel to check-in or leaving quite early for another destination to catch up with time for sightseeing and other fun activities.

RV road trips offer everything travelers need including a comfortable place to sleep and driving to plan travel destinations. Some motorhomes feature a shower and toilet, while others offer more living space as well. This all adds to your trip with more comfort and convenience.

Read on for why we think RV road trips are the best.

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How Much Does an RV Cost?

Before we start with the amazing benefits of RV road trips, let’s look at how much does an RV cost. While there are many variables, including location, taxes, styles, and features, according to, RVs can cost between $10,000 and $300,000. A moderately-appointed camper trailer pulled behind a truck might cost $20,000, while a fifth-wheel might start at $40,000. Most motorhome prices usually start around $100,000. There are even some luxury RVs over $500,000.

Most sources recommend renting an RV before investing in one of our own. Of course, that brings up the next question: how much does an RV cost to rent?

Before you get to the bottom line, The Wandering RV recommends considering not just the rental, but also other potential hidden costs like setup fees, cleaning fees, gas, mileage, etc.  For a general ball-park of rental RV prices, take a look at this chart from Outdoorsy:

RV Type

Average Rental Prices

Class A

$175 to $275 per night

Class B

$100 to $200 per night

Class C

$150 to $200 per night

Travel Trailer

$50 to $125 per night

Fifth Wheel

$60 to $150 per night

Pop Up Camper

$50 to $100 per night

Toy Hauler

$100 to $200 per night


$75 to $150 per night

Price Averages Data Courtesy of Outdoorsy

Ability to Visit Many Destinations 

One of the best things about having a motorhome or campervan road trip is that it is easier to visit several locations that the traveler wants.

Hotels can be costly especially when traveling with family,  and even more expensive during travel peak seasons. There is no need to think about multiple hotel bookings or catching flights to different locations.

The most amazing part is the ability to explore nature to its fullest since people can always pack on off tracks to fully look at an area and find out what is there. When tired, take a nap inside because of how cozy they are to regain energy. Sell my motorhome gives people the opportunity of getting any campervan model and design for any activity.

RVs: Your Hotel on Wheels

RVs are your home on the road
RVs are your home on the road. Photo: Pixabay

Some motorhomes even have a small semi-kitchen area including a shower and toilet where people can quickly fix something for themselves. Sell my motorhome is a good investment for people who love traveling and visiting new areas.

Before traveling, one can easily make a list of items for their needs and purchase them from the groceries or even the local markets so simple home-cooked meals can be enjoyed while journeying.

When traveling with kids and family, no denying that bathroom sessions while on the road will be more convenient and less stressful for both the parents and children. Motorhomes also make camping more relaxing and fun since one can easily choose a good location and, for an additional adventure, pitch the tent for a cozy night with a stunning view.

Driving Can Be More Affordable than Flying

Combine your love for camping and road trips with RV Travel.
Combine your love for camping and road trips with RV Travel. Photo: Pixabay

To be realistic, though everyone wants to travel and have fun, saving money is also of prime importance for travelers. Traveling by motorhome can help people save a lot more than they can imagine and can be cheaper than taking flights.

Though driving long distances require gas, it is more costly to take flights with family and group tickets. It also gives everyone the opportunity of exploring locations they would not have had the chance of seeing while flying.

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