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What is Active Suspension for Safe Towing & Handling?

The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset!

As hubby and I look toward our retirement, we are considering towing a camper trailer. As a newbie to all this, my question is what is active suspension and how to use it for safe towing and handling? And will we need to purchase a new(er) truck or SUV in order to tow our ideal camper?  Read on for answers to these questions and more.

The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset!
The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset! Photo: Unsplash

How to Use Active Suspension for Safe Towing and Handling?

Towing a heavy vehicle like a truck or trailer may seem like a tremendous job. The towing capacity of your vehicle refers to the amount of weight it can pull from behind.

Unfortunately, many heavily loaded vehicles experience poor handling problems because of inefficient towing. An unstable tow capacity can make your vehicle flip over and lose control. A Roadmaster Suspension can improve the quality of safe towing and handling of heavy trailers.

While mechanical technical terms might be over my basic knowledge, it’s still important to know what is active suspension, why it’s important, and how to use it for safe towing and handling. That way your family camping trip — or your retirement plans for road-tripping — are safe.

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What is Active Suspension in Automobiles?

An active suspension in vehicles uses an automated system that manages the stability of wheels. It further enhances the ride quality and car handling mechanism in automobiles.

By keeping the vehicle’s tires properly aligned and perpendicular to the road corners, the active suspension helps to control while cornering, sudden turns, accelerating, and braking.

According to Motortrend, “Your truck’s original suspension design allows for safe hauling, towing, and handling characteristics. When fully loaded, though, the weight can shift rearward, aiming the headlights towards the sky, bottoming out the rear suspension, and making the steering lighter and braking more unpredictable. Adding an airbag, or helper air spring, to the system can make a night and day difference in the towing experience, alleviating the aforementioned towing ails by adding support for the load. The result is better overall control of the vehicle.”

What is an Active Suspension System?

To safely tow your camper, you should be familiar with what is active suspension.
To safely tow your camper, you should be familiar with what is active suspension. Photo: Pixabay

According to recent reports, the market size of the automobile towing industry in the US is around $8 billion. The industry tows light or heavy motor vehicles over short and long distances.

The roadmaster suspension has proved an excellent solution for safe towing of recreational vehicles (RVs) and campers for regular travelers.

The active suspension system is made in the US. It consists of high-grade alloys, epoxy and zinc coatings, and oil-tempered steel. They are easy to install and highly durable against road salts and corrosive materials.

The active suspension kit provides many benefits, like reducing squats and bounces. It improves the safety and stability while carrying a heavy load in a vehicle or while towing your RVs.

How Does Active Suspension Work?

Leaf springs are the long, flat springs found under the backside of a car or a truck. These load-bearing springs play an essential role in a smooth ride over bumps and potholes on the roads. These lead springs are also helpful in towing heavy automobiles. It is advisable to have an extra leaf placed in the springs for a safer towing process.

Major problems faced by traditional automotive suspension systems are road handling, carrying heavy loads in the vehicles, and comfortable traveling for passengers.

Roadmaster Active Suspension is an upgrade that converts basic leaf springs into mechanically active suspension springs. It helps absorb load force energy while towing heavy vehicles. It improves vehicle stability, balance, and traction in your towing automobile.

Benefits of Roadmaster Suspension for Towing and Hauling

Strengthening your active suspension is important to safe towing
Strengthening your active suspension is important to safe towing. Photo: Pixabay

Any pickup truck owner that tows or hauls close to their max payload experience rear squat. An active suspension system works well with lifted and leveled vehicles.

The roadmaster active suspension for towing helps strengthen the existing leaf springs according to the force applied while pulling a heavy vehicle. With more weight or force being applied, the Roadmaster Suspension system keeps the leaf springs stable and prevents them from flattening.

The active suspension system also reduces excessive bounce and rear sagging that most vehicles experience while towing.

Final Note

A suspension system is beneficial in many ways. It can also manage axle wrap or wheel hop in vehicles under extreme acceleration.

They can also efficiently handle body sway and roll while turning or cornering. It helps hold the lead spring in a bowed position and supports the weight shift in a balanced mode.

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