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Travel After 50 – Just do It!

Now is the time! Travel After 50 – Just do it!

The charm of Italy will wrap itself around you and invite you to return for more. Photo: Unsplash

Charm of Italy

If there is one place that has an undeniable charm and appeals to people from all over the world, it is Italy. Italy has a lot to offer, from the incredible food to the amazing attractions. No matter your tastes …

This bustling metropolis and capital of Indonesia offers many luxury hotels in Jakarta

Splurge with Luxury Hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesia’s bustling capital, Jakarta located on the northwest island of Java. Enjoy a diverse mix of cultures: Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian, and European, and these all influenced its architecture, language, and cuisine, This destination is a holiday …

Barge cruising in France navigates the French canals for an intimate look at the small villages. Photo: European Waterways

Why Should You Go on a Barge Trip in France?

A Barge trip in France has gained importance among French tourists since the 1980s. If you wish to see France at its core, experience French culture and a remarkable gastronomic affair, learn about its fascinating history, and explore the finest …

From California to Tennessee, and Mexico to Turks & Caicos, read our 7 unique but romantic weekend getaways

7 Unique Weekend Getaways for Couples

After such a stressful year, it is so important to spend some time just with your significant other where you can get away from it all. You need somewhere where you can be romantic together and experience all that the …

The city never sleeps is the perfect destination and with these New York City itinerary suggestions you can enjoy it all the more. Photo: Pixabay

3-Day New York City Itinerary

New York is undoubtedly among the most vibrant cities in the world. With so many incredible things to see and do in the Big Apple, from the bright Times Square to the picturesque Ellis Island, where should you start?  We …

With so much to see, don't miss these 3 amazing family friendly things to do in San Diego.

3 Amazing Family Friendly Things To Do In San Diego

Located on the Pacific coast of California, visit San Diego and you’ll discover so many amazing sights and wonderful attractions, from its laid-back beaches to busy parks and art galleries to museums. San Diego is also home to the third-largest

Ampersand Mountain is a 3,352 ft mountain in Franklin County in the High Peaks Wilderness Area of the northeastern Adirondacks, west of the High Peaks proper in New York State.

Staycation Ideas in the Eastern U.S.

Now that it’s been nearly one year since our world screeched to a halt here in the United States, what does 2021 look like? According to so many surveys, it’s the year of the staycation. With COVID restrictions easing ever …

The RVing dream: RV camping on a winery at sunset!

Why RV Road Trips Are The Best

Road trips are usually fun but they can quickly turn into chaos with tight schedules, flight delays, and not enough planned time. To me, a perfect vacation is when I manage to see and do everything on my list. But …

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