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Why you Should Go on a Dover Dunkirk Ferry Trip this Year

A Dover Dunkirk ferry is the best choice if you are planning on travelling through the more northern European countries. Photo: Port of Dover

This year many trips could be on your mind, but have you considered the Dover Dunkirk ferry? As I’m planning an epic senior trip with my granddaughter and daughter, I’m considering all possible ways to explore as much of northern Europe, including England and France. Read on for reasons why to consider a Dover Dunkirk ferry trip this year.

A Dover Dunkirk ferry is the best choice if you are planning on travelling through the more northern European countries. Photo: Port of Dover
A Dover Dunkirk ferry is the best choice if you are planning on traveling through the more northern European countries. Photo: Port of Dover

Why Consider a Dover Dunkirk Ferry Trip this Year

The Dover to Dunkirk ferry crossings links southern England and the North of France. The ferry routes are quite well known and managed by DFDS Seaways. DFDS Seaways sets sail 12 times in one day with a total journey covering about 2 hours.

Compared to the Calais crossing, the Dover Dunkirk Ferry is not as popular. But can be used as an alternative route to Europe and France. Many people decide to take this route in their travels to European countries in the North, like Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The Dover ferry port is located in the county of Kent near the Southeast coast of England.

Whereas the Dunkirk ferry port is located in the north of France near the Belgian border, on the North Sea, about 40 minutes to the east of Calais.

The journey to Dunkirk takes 2 hours, slightly longer than the Dover to Calais ferry 90-minute alternative. Your ferry ride lands further north, making journey’s a little quicker overall if you are heading towards the north of France or into Germany and Poland.

So Why Choose a Dover to Dunkirk ferry this year?

Choosing the Dover to Dunkirk ferry route to get to France, grants an easy access “gate” to the North of France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and many other places. There are up to 24 departure times in a day and crossings of only two hours. Going on a Dover to Dunkirk ferry is great for a trip during the day or as a starting point for a wonderful vacation to Europe.

In addition to this “rare convenience”, when you travel by ferry there is no need to be concerned about baggage constraints, that said you’re more than welcome to take anything you want, even in large quantities if you fancy! You’re also given the freedom to travel around Europe conveniently on your terms and at your own pace.

Where to Book Your Dover Dunkirk Ferry Ticket

Use France Ferry Booker to Travel from Dover to Dunkirk.

Save time by using useful third-party booking sites to compare prices and find the latest travel packs and cheapest Dover to Dunkirk ferry deals.

By using a reservation system that links directly to ferry operators with channels to France, compare every sailing available for your selected destination, in a fast and easy way, saving you a ton of time in your online search.

Why Visit Dover, England?

Dover Castle is a medieval castle in Dover, Kent, England. Photo: Pixabay

In your visit to Dover, you will notice that it is located on the sharpest point, close to the English Channel.

The truth is the crossing dates way back. They were designed for passengers, war, and trade that were a part of life there for many centuries. History reveals that crossings were used and were very popular even during Roman times.

During the 11th Century, the Dover castle was built, and even though previous constructions were there, the Dover Castle still remains the biggest medieval castle on the European continent. The castle has played a significant role in history due to English defenses using Dover as a channel to England.

Reasons to Visit Dunkirk, France

visit the coastal city of Dunkirk in northern France, via the Dover Dunkirk ferry.
Visit the coastal city of Dunkirk in northern France. Photo: Pixabay

Situated in the North of France, Dunkirk is known for its role in World War II in the evacuation of Allied Forces that occurred in Europe’s mainland.

You should pay Dunkirk a visit because the town’s museum displays Dunkirk’s maritime heritage. In particular, it showcases rich information on what happened there during WW2.

If you’re a mini or avid historian and want to learn more about the History of World War II and what happened, pay Dunkirk a visit to learn firsthand what really happened.

Take your time and take it all in, stay for as long as you want, and collect as many souvenirs as you can possibly get. It’s a getaway you won’t want to miss.

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