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Beach Vacations

Dreaming of your next family vacation? Here are pre-planning tips on how to plan a beach vacation.

How to Plan a Beach Vacation

Dreaming of your next family vacation and leaning toward planning a beach trip? With so many possible destinations with beach, are you not sure where to begin? Should you also pre-book activities? We’ve got simple preplanning tips on how to

Did you know that the best off-season vacations are to the beach?

Best Off Season Vacations – Take it to the Beach!

When you’re dreaming of a beach vacation, but your budget isn’t ready, consider one of the best off-season vacations — take it to the beach in the fall and winter. Yes, it really can be amazing. Read on for reasons …

Get ready for fun in the sun by visiting Florida's Crab Island Jet Ski Tour

Florida’s Crab Island Jet Ski Tour

If your vacation plans include a visit to Destin, you need to add Florida’s Crab Island Jet Ski tour to your itinerary. It’s a fun-in-the-sun chance to play in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico surrounded by ocean …

How to Plan a Beach Vacation

What comes into your mind when you plan a beach vacation? Most people associate beach vacations with summer and fun. Having a fun vacation depends on how well prepared you are before embarking on your journey. A little pre-planning will …

From bustling cities to stunning beaches and mountains, the Philippines has a lot to offer.

How to Plan Your Travel to The Philippines – Things to Consider

Your bucket list should include travel to The Philippines, a budget travel destination with white-sand beaches, dazzling seas, spectacular sunsets, and friendly locals. Located in the western Pacific Ocean near the equator, this archipelago consists of about 7,640 islands, of …

Historic Phra Nakhon is home to the 18th-century Grand Palace, a royal residence with lavish throne halls, museums, and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

6 Best Places in Thailand to Visit

From its capital city of Bangkok and its beautiful islands, experiencing all Thailand offers in one trip would not be easy. But here are some of the best places in Thailand to visit to get the full experience, eat well, …

Kauai beach vacations are the perfect family vacation.

Best Beach Vacations for Families

No matter where you are now, who doesn’t imagine the perfect family vacation on the beach. The calming sound of waves washing against the sandy beaches. Children splashing in the ocean. Building sandcastles with your kids. Whether your family prefers …

If you visit Miami, Florida, chances are you'll want to know the things to do in South Beach too!

5 Things to Do at South Beach Miami, Florida

The Sunshine State tops the list of places to visit for all ages from families to seniors,  and just as often on the list is a stop in Miami. Of course, if you’re in Miami, you most certainly need to …

Israel, Visit to the Holy Land

A few years ago, I embarked on a once in a lifetime journey to Israel, the Holy Land. Growing up in the Bible Belt of Iowa, the legendary “land of milk and honey” was discussed often as a faraway land, …

Costa Rica

Costa Rica and San Salvador

Costa RicaJust over a year ago, I visited the Guanacaste side of Costa Rica, my 2nd visit to the country, for the Grand Opening of the Riu Guanacaste. That trip was a whirlwind of adventures ranging from wildlife viewing to …

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