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Florida’s Crab Island Jet Ski Tour

Get ready for fun in the sun by visiting Florida's Crab Island Jet Ski Tour

If your vacation plans include a visit to Destin, you need to add Florida’s Crab Island Jet Ski tour to your itinerary. It’s a fun-in-the-sun chance to play in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico surrounded by ocean views. Are you ready? Read on for our tips on why you should rent a jet ski for getting to Crab Island, Florida.

Get ready for fun in the sun by visiting Florida's Crab Island Jet Ski Tour
Get ready for fun in the sun by visiting Florida’s Crab Island Jet Ski Tour Photo: Viator

Experience Crab Island, Florida

What is Crab Island?

Crab Island, while not an island, is a famous boater and jet skier’s paradise, and while NOT an island, it actually is a submerged sandbar completely covered by water. It was an island many years ago, but over time erosion by tidal currents and occasional hurricanes turned it into what it is now: a popular gathering place near Destin, Florida.

The depth of the water now ranges from 1 to 4 feet, creating a beautiful place to pull up a boat or ride a jet ski and enjoy a day in the sun near the underwater sandbar in the blue-green and crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Keep in mind the currents are too strong to swim there — and very unsafe.

Where is Crab Island?

Crab Island is located on the north side of the Destin Bridge (also known as the Marler Bridge) at the southern entrance of the Choctawhatchee Bay, inside Destin’s East Pass. Once you’ve rented your jet skis, it’s a 10 – 20 minute ride to Crab Island.

Although the sandbar that is Crab Island spans a large area, the official GPS coordinates are listed as N 30°23.918, W 86°31.236, but doesn’t consist of just one point on a map.

Crab Island, Florida, is actually NOT an island, but a sandbar in the shallow waters of the Gulf Mexico.
Crab Island, Florida, is actually NOT an island, but a sandbar in the shallow waters of the Gulf Mexico. Photo: Destin Vacation

Why You Should: Florida’s Crab Island Jet Ski Tour

The sandbar’s location is particularly unique within the emerald waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. It’s a popular alternative to the beaches in Destin as it is protected from the surf and waves and only accessible by watercraft.

Getting to Crab Island by boat can be difficult for beginners boaters unfamiliar with the area for many reasons. When the tide is too low, all you can see is sand. When it’s too high, it’s difficult for boats to get through the shallow waterways.

Renting a jet ski is the best way for actually getting to Crab Island Florida. People of all ages can have an experience of a lifetime by renting a jet ski at the beautiful Crab Island beaches. Here are the other reasons to rent a jet ski to explore Crab Island.

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Crab Island Jet Ski Tour Allows Travel at Your Pace

It’s wise for people who are new to boating or visiting Crab Island for the first time to rent a jet ski to get there. You may not be aware of the conditions on the route or face difficulties maneuvering the boat.

But, when you rent a jet ski, travel at your own pace and stop when you want to for any reason.

Shallow Waters of Crab Island

An aerial view of Crab Island, Florida.
An aerial view of Crab Island, Florida.

The beaches have shallow waters. Hence, even experienced boaters and seasoned boaters prefer navigating through shallow waters and waterways with jet skis. Additionally, jet skis are fun and can go much faster than boats.

Speed up and slow down as much as needed on a jet ski. Otherwise, jet skis can get you to Crab Island in no time.

However, for those with more than a few in your traveling party, it might make more sense to hire a boat or take a boat tour.

Safety Concerns

It’s not wise for beginners or amateurs on a boat alone. If the boat breaks down or needs repairs, it can be hazardous for getting back in so many different ways. Boats are more challenging to manage and operate.

However, you can operate jet skis with fundamental knowledge. Your Jet Ski instructors will teach you how to operate your jet ski well. It is essential to choose a high-quality Jet Ski rental service for maximized safety.

Also, ensure you wear life jackets and other safety gear while on the jet ski. Follow the jet skiing guidelines your rental service provides to the dot. Some jet ski rental services allow you to rent vehicles for a week or so.

So much fun in the sun when visiting Crab Island, Florida, located near Destin. Photo: Viator

Minimal Risk

While jet skiing is a thrilling experience, it involves only minimal risks. Jet Ski accidents are much less prevalent than boat accidents. Additionally, these incredibly stylish water vehicles give you the thrill of enjoying a motorbike ride on the water.

Jet skiing will surely get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Stats even show that regular jet skiing can improve muscle endurance.

Cost-Effective Options

Jet Ski rentals are certainly more cost-effective than yacht rentals or boat rentals. If you are on your own or with a small group, then jet skiing is the way to go. Jet skiing is the perfect option even if you are traveling with children. Kids are bound to enjoy these fun water rides to the core.

For these reasons, renting a jet ski is the best option for actually getting to Crab Island, Florida.

Analyze Crab Island Jet Ski Tour rental packages offered by different companies in the area to find the best and most cost-effective companies. Consider attending a jet skiing course to master the vehicle and enjoy the experience to its full potential.

Experience Floating Vendors of Crab Island

Bring cash for the floating vendors! There are floating restaurants, mobile food boats, souvenir sales, and more at Crab Island. Some of them accept plastic, but bring cash just in case! While the sale of alcohol is prohibited to the vendors, you are welcome to bring your own. But remember don’t drink and ride a jet ski!

Once you’re at Crab Island, it is perfectly safe to leave the boat, walk around in the shallow waters, or visit the variety of bars and businesses anchored out there without worry. Along with the anchored businesses, boats sell ice cream, boiled peanuts, souvenirs, and more driving around all day long.

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