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19 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2019

Here I am again, writing and committing to these 19 New Year's Resolutions worth keeping in 2019 #NYEresolutions

Tis the season to make and (let’s be real) break New Year’s Resolutions, so here I am again, on the other side of 50s, writing and committing to these 19 New Year’s Resolutions worth keeping in 2019. What about you?

Here I am again, writing and committing to these 19 New Year's Resolutions worth keeping in 2019 #NYEresolutions
Here I am again, writing and committing to these 19 New Year’s Resolutions worth keeping in 2019. Photo: Pixabay

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19 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2019

Last year I broke my more than 50 years of steadfastly NOT making New Year’s resolutions by not just making those resolutions, but writing all 18 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep in 2018. Wow was that a commitment, right? And while I did fail at some of my resolutions, just like nearly 80% of others who do not succeed, I actually am pretty stoked at how successful I was at holding true to many of my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions.

However, researchers say that, despite the tough success rates, making a resolution is one of the best ways to actually make a change, particularly if realistic goals are set in the first place. This year, I’m looking back at those 18 resolutions, sifting through those to keep and move forward with, while making new ones with these 19 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2019.

19 New Year's Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2019 #NYresolutions #NewYearsResolutions

1. Acknowledge and Appreciate the Little Things

Life is busy. And sometimes so busy that I blaze through the days, weeks, even months, without really stopping and smelling the roses (to quote an old saying…).

New Year's Resolution # 4 in 2018: Take One Day at a Time.
New Year’s Resolution # 4 in 2018: Take One Day at a Time. Photo Pixabay

This year, I want to take more time throughout my day to acknowledge and appreciate the little things. Things like…a random stranger holding the door for you. When your favorite recipe actually turned out better than ever. When your granddaughter asks to hang out with you. When your best friend calls, just to say hello. There is a long list of little things that happen every day that I want to acknowledge and appreciate this year.

2. Be More Kind and Thoughtful.

Be kind and more thoughtful, 1 of 19 New Year's resolutions worth keeping.
Be kind and more thoughtful, 1 of 19 New Year’s resolutions worth keeping. Photo: Pixabay

This is a repeat from last year and worthy of landing at the top as one of the New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping. Be Kind. Period. Be kind to yourself. Your spouse. Your significant other. Your Children. Your Grandchildren. Your Parents. Your Sisters and Brothers. Your family. Your neighbors. Your friends. Be Kind to Strangers. Be Kind to Animals. Pay it forward when you can.

I’ve added to become more thoughtful this year. I want to become more considerate and thoughtful of others’ feelings, wants, desires, goals, etc.

3. Listen.

This year, take time to listen.
This year, take time to listen. Photo: Pixabay

On that same note, my New Year’s Resolution is to listen more. Instead of interrupting someone’s conversation, I hope to pause and take a moment to LISTEN to what others’ have to say. Who knows maybe I will even learn something!?

4. Choose to Be Happy.

No doubt, one of the New Year's resolutions worth keeping is to choose to be happy!
No doubt, one of the New Year’s resolutions worth keeping is to choose to be happy! Photo: Pixabay

I’m basically a very happy person, but this year, I plan to daily take a moment to review my day and find those “things” that made me happy. From simple enjoyments to major accomplishments, this year, I’m going to be like a kid again. I choose to be happy.

5. Exercise More.

Again a repeat from last year’s resolutions. I actually did a decent job of moving, walking and exercising even into late summer, but then my day job became busy. And once you get out of the habit, it’s easy to stay seated at your desk.

I’m back with an intensity to exercise more and keep at it, and to help achieve that goal, I requested a Fitbit from my family — and got it!  I used to have one, several years ago, but it stopped working and I hadn’t replaced it.  So here is to counting steps in 2019. Is this one of your New Year’s resolutions worth keeping too?

6. Eat Healthier Food.

Eating healthier starts with making better choices.
Eating healthier starts with making better choices. Photo: Pixabay

It’s a team effort here at our home, so both my husband and I (as well as my reluctant live-in elderly mother-in-law) are in agreement that we will eat healthier this year. I’ve already signed in to Weight Watchers to re-up for another season. (Want to join me on Weight Watchers? Click here for one free month for you…and one for me.) We are also determined to make better healthier food choices this year.

We’ve got our Weight Watchers cookbooks and some of our favorite dishes on the menu. I need to lose the 10 pounds that snuck back on in the 18 months. Can I hear an Amen!?

How many use meal kits such as Hello Fresh?  Until Mom moved in, we subscribed to Hello Fresh — and loved it. My hubby and I really enjoy cooking together — and even better when it’s healthy!  Once we get our legs around eating healthier, we’re going back to Hello Fresh, especially since we both work 50-60 hours per week at our day jobs. What’s your favorite go-to meal kits?

7. Say I Love You More Often.

Travel more and say I love you more often with your husband. Pictured here Harvey's Point Hotel, Donegal, Ireland
Travel more with and say I love you more often to your husband. Pictured here a romantic moment at Harvey’s Point Hotel, Donegal, Ireland Photo Credit: Diana Rowe /

I feel I’m pretty good at this. Growing up, while I may have known that my parents loved me, those three simple words were just not spoken. When I had my two daughters and fast-forward to my stepdaughters and son, and now grandkids, I have made it a point to say I Love You often, and I will continue to do so.

8. Pick up the Phone More Often.

Miles may separate you and your loved ones, but pick up the phone to call or video chat often.
Miles may separate you and your loved ones, but pick up the phone to call or video chat often. Photo: Pixabay

I did better with this last year, but I am still a work in progress. I want to pick up the phone more often to call those who matter. No texting. No “liking” their Facebook posts. A simple phone call.

As a Grammy, my favorite and most cherished moments are time spent with my grandchildren and children. Unfortunately, one of my daughters lives in Oregon, so the miles separate our opportunities to spend time together. But today, we can still get time together via video chats — and I always look forward to seeing my long-distance grandbabies on a video chat.

9. More Date Nights with Hubby.

Say I love you and take him places (see photo above in Ireland). Show your husband and/or significant other off. Be proud. (And yes, this is a repeat of last year’s New Year’s Resolutions.)

10. Spend More Time with People Who Matter.

The Golden Bee at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs offers diverse opportunities for dining for yor multigeneraitonal family.
The Golden Bee at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs offers diverse opportunities for dining for yor multigeneraitonal family.

While we can’t always choose who we spend time with at the ol’ 9-to-5 job, we can choose who we spend our time with when we are off the clock. I will continue to choose to spend more time with people who matter to me — my family and friends.

And be sure to document that time spent.

11. Travel More.

4 best inexpensive gifts for Grandparents Day -- take a hike with Grammie!
Grammie taking a hike with 5 of my 8 grandchildren in Oregon.

Yeah, you knew that would land on my list, right? I’ve been a little home-locked since taking on a new full-time job in June, so traveling has taken a quiet back corner. For Now.

Last year, I enjoyed short trips to Cancun, Taos in New Mexico, various destinations in home state of Colorado (Paonia, Glenwood Springs, & more), and a return to Oregon to see my daughter.

This year, I’ll again explore my backyard of Colorado including a return to Grand Lake, as well as add in a multigenerational family vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii.

12. Take Pride in my Accomplishments.

For those who know me, you might be surprised at this. I’m a balls-to-the-walls-overachiever, but I rarely take the time to tell myself, “Girl, you did good!”  This is something we all need to do- I know it; you know it! Take a moment to revel in my accomplishments.

13. Reduce Stress

We’ve all got stress. Family. Friends. Work. Finances. Health. You name it, anything can be a stress-causer, but I’m committed to finding the de-stressors.  I’ve always said to my husband, “One day at a time.” That alone can reduce stress.

14. Procrastinate Less.

Another repeat offender here. Yes, this is part of my DNA, and yes, this is a work-in-progress. I was much better (I feel, but don’t ask my hubby) about procrastinating. I used time management tools learned from Ruth at Living Well Spending Less which helped nip the procrastination in the butt.

15. Continue Toward a Debt-Free Life.

This is a slow process, but I can proudly say that I did decrease my debt by 22 percent!  There is still a long tunnel, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. This forward motion is due to investing in the concepts of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Buy the Hardcover – it’s money well invested in your future.

16. Save More. Spend Less.

Another annual resolution and still as important as ever as I approach the ultimate goal of retirement. Now, for me, that is still perhaps 10 years away, but realty sinks in after 50 when we realize that retirement is almost literally around the corner. Now retirement, one one hand, is a great thing, but when you check your savings against the time before retirement, oh-oh. I have a financial plan in place to save more, spend less — and work toward becoming debt-free.

In one year, I managed to actually finally have a savings account, the beginnings of  big financial steps for me.

Again thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover concept for financial fitness.


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17. De-Clutter and Organize.

I am a work in progress — and you’d know that when you stepped into my office or took a look inside my closet. De-clutter and organize continues to be a top priority for me.

18. Volunteer & Give Back More.

On Grandparents Day or any day, volunteer together as a family.
On Grandparents Day or any day, volunteer together with your family!

Volunteering makes me feel good, whether it’s physically showing up to serve at a soup kitchen like I’ve done with my grandkids. Or raising money for charity events, like I do each year for the Burn Unit and/or Burn Camp at Children’s Hospital via a chili cook-off.

19. Read More

I have always enjoyed reading. This is another repeat of last year’s resolutions and one I kept!  And want to continue. I can devour one book in hours, especially when I travel. Although I still enjoy the feel of a book, lugging around a half dozen books takes space out of my suitcase for other important items. That’s why I prefer to bring my Kindle Fire pre-loaded with all the books I could possibly read (especially on those long international flights).

And since I also still LOVE holding books in my hand, this year I made the decision to join Book of the Month Club.  Won’t you join with me? (Use FRESHSTART to get a free book!)

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