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Silly Billyz Review: Travel-Worthy Washcloths and Bibs

Review of Silly Billyz bibs and washcloth

If you have young children, I don’t have to tell you how packing for trip and taking the little ones, feels like you’re lugging the entire nursery. And don’t even get me started on all the “things” you have to pack to keep the kids happy and clean, such as something as simple as quality face cloths and bibs. That’s why we said yes to the opportunity to review travel-worthy washcloths and bibs by Silly Billyz.

Review of Silly Billyz bibs and washcloth -
Review of Silly Billyz bibs and washcloth –

Travel Worthy, Road Tested

As a grandma to 7 grandchildren, I am lucky to travel to visit family living in Oregon and take those that live close on multigenerational vacations. But with so many little ones of all ages, whew boy, we might be better off just pulling the house and all its contents when traveling. Still, whether a short drive to the local park or cross-country road trip, it’s important for me to keep my family clean, and travel-worthy washcloths and bibs top the list of important items to pack.

When possible, I prefer patronizing local Colorado businesses. As the exclusive USA distributor for Silly Billyz, my deliveries were shipped from Castle Rock, Colorado. Although not USA-made, my purchase supports the exclusive USA distributor for all the brands.

On a recent 5-day visit to Oregon to visit my 4 grandkids, I packed my bags as per usual, easily stuffing the new shipment of Silly Billyz washcloths and bibs in my carry-on. My  4-month-old granddaughter (and her mother) would determine whether these baby items were travel worthy.

The True Test – Baby and Mom Approved?

Silly Billyz Toweling Pocket Bib
Silly Billyz Toweling Pocket Bib

All well and good when Grandmom brings the bibs and shoes, but the true test is in the wearing.

What We Loved about Silly Billyz

  • Safe to Wear. Everything you put on your baby needs to be safe.  Silly Billyz bibs and (face) washcloths are PVC and Lead-Freed Free.
  • Easy to Wear. Who wants to wrangle with the baby to get a bib on?  We loved the 2-snap closures with elastic, which kept the bib secure, and the snuggle neck to prevent leaks.
  • Baby-proof and Durable. Bibs have to be baby-proof because a whole lot of baby drool, food, and other baby stuff lands on a bib.  After 4 days of daily washing, Silly Billyz bibs continued to be durable and the color did not fade. Loved that.  Even after granddaughter’s first Sweet Potato adventure with more on the bib than in the mouth, the bib did not stain. Sure you could spend less on bibs, but these will last longer.
  • Waterproof. I have one word: teething. My grandbaby was drooling buckets onto the Jersey Bandana bib, but only the outside part of the bib was wet. The waterproof backing protected the baby’s clothes, and the snuggle neck kept her chinny-chin dry too. Awesome.
  • Stylish. Ok, maybe not important to everyone, but grandmoms and moms want their grandbabies to look cute. The Silly Billyz bibs come in some beautiful colors. Our favorite was the Bandana bibs: fashionable — and super cute too!

What We Didn’t Love (sort of)

For some pricing may be prohibitive (starting at $8), but the durability of Silly Billyz bibs and washcloths will make up for the initial investment (in our opinion). In addition, enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing 3 or more, and free shipping for $50 or more in product.

Review Silly Billyz Baby Bibs Washcloths
Review Silly Billyz Baby Waschloths and Bibs

Thanks to Silly Billyz for providing us with samples to review; opinions expressed are our own.

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