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Review Panasonic Home Monitoring System

Review of Panasonic Home monitoring system

When I received the Panasonic Home Monitoring System, hubby and I were pretty excited. Sure it’s great to get a visual of your house when you’re traveling. But we’re lucky. We’ve lived in our neighborhood almost 18 years, and our neighbors are vigilant about watching out for each other. But having that extra visual security with a click of the smart phone is priceless.

If you’re like me, leaving home for an extended period of time can be nerve wracking. Sure, my hubby was at home taking care of everything, but he works outside the home. Our dogs are used to be me working at home.  Installing this Panasonic Home Monitoring System gave me peace of mind because all I had to do was open the app on my iPhone to see what was going on at home while I was in China and Walt Disney World.

I’m a busy Traveling Grandmom. Our four daughters are grown; our grandchildren hang out with us sometimes.  We have the four-legged PanasonicHomeMonitoringSystemDianafamily: a 15 year-old Maltese Terrier and a 10 year-old Chocolate Lab.  One — or both — of them are digging in our plants and  strewing our trash all over the place. Like children, how can you punish both if one is doing the deed?

Installing the Panasonic Home Monitoring System

But first, someone had to install the system. Let’s start with I’m a computer geek. I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to learning new programs or social media…but when it comes to TVs, monitors and security systems, I’m a total blank. It’s like I have a mind block.  I pull out the directions, and all I can think is, huh?

Enter in my very capable hubby and son-in-law.  We had a family dinner (bribe!) and I coerced them with great food (and maybe a little wine) to set up the Panasonic Home Monitoring System. The best part is I sat back and allowed them to do their thing — and voila, by the time dinner was ready, the monitoring system was up and running. (Although my granddaughter asked why we would want to spy on the neighbors when we pointed one camera to our back deck.)

By the next day, my hubby had the remote Smart Phone access all figured out.PanasonicMonitorRemote

Features of the Panasonic Home Monitoring System

  • Includes two Outdoor Cameras and one Hub Unit
  • Monitor outdoor areas — entrances, driveway, yard
  • Receive alerts, arm/disarm system via smartphone/tablet
  • Record video to Micro SD card, view on your computer
  • One-touch syncing with your WiFi router and smartphone/tablet
  • Retails at approximately $299.95

So now, just like that, you can watch our fun-filled family evening connecting the Panasonic Home Monitoring System. I’m proud of both my husband and son-in-law for getting the job done!

Oh and the dogs? We still haven’t caught them in the act! But the hummingbirds are entertaining us when we travel.

DISCLAIMER: Panasonic provided the home monitoring system for my review; opinions expressed are my own.




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