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Private Jet Flights and Its Benefits

Consider the benefits of private jet flights.

While traveling anywhere seems like a luxury these days, considering private jet flights might seem like a dream that may never come true.  But when you weigh all the benefits of private jet flights, from money, time and safety, will it be an option for you?  We’ll let you decide!

Consider the benefits of private jet flights.
Consider the benefits of private jet flights. Photo: Pixabay

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Private Jet Flights and Its Benefits

Private flights are excellent alternatives to commercial flights. They have many excellent features and benefits that justify your stretching to pay extra dollars to enjoy them. But how exactly do they differ from commercial flights?

Keep reading this post to learn why flying on private jets is better than commercial planes.

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Weigh all the benefits of private jet flights, from money, time and safety, will it be an option for you? #privatejetflights #privatejetbenefits #privatejets #traveltips

Greater Value for Your Money and Time

Flying on a chartered jet means saving more time and money. The better side of this story is that the cost of hiring charter planes has reduced by between 30% and 50% in recent years. This reduction has brought some flights closer to traditional first-class tickets on commercial planes. You can use your jet card membership to fly privately on demand, making private travels more cost-effective.

Moreover, private flights save high-level executives and business persons precious time they could have wasted at the airports. Instead, they can use that time to focus on other more important priorities.

Remember, an average commercial jet spends some 1.5 hours at the airport for local flights. It might even take up to three hours for international flights. Don’t forget that it is just one way. Now, times that by two and remove the three to six business hours from a top business person or executive’s schedule and see the loss.

Fortunately, private flight changes the whole story. You only need to arrive at the terminal 15 minutes before your departure time. Eventually, you save more time that translates into more money for your business or employer.

While a private jet charter can be a splurge, read our guide to see how possible it might be for your next vacation.
While a private jet charter can be a splurge, read our guide to see how possible it might be for your next vacation. Photo: Pixabay

Enhanced Comfort and Services

Flying on a private jet means enjoying more comfort and services. These jets are more comfortable than the best seat you can ever find on a commercial plane. They have spacious cabin spaces and excellent leather seats. Some of them have master bedrooms and ensuite shower rooms. Here, you can relax and arrive at your destination, feeling as fresh as when you boarded.

Further, you are free to bring your pet onboard plus all your travel essentials like liquids and enjoy limitless luggage space.

Enjoy excellent catering that feeds you on yummy meals and drinks.

The private jet’s crew also offers you customized attention you can enjoy nowhere on a commercial plane.

No Baggage Checking Drama

Every experienced traveler knows that baggage checking in most commercial airlines can be unnecessarily dramatic. At times, it can be chaotic and even offensive. You also pay for your baggage most of the time and comply with their restrictions on what you can carry.

The good news is that taking a private jet changes the whole story.

All your baggage is free. Moreover, you are free to decide where to place your stuff. You may place your baggage in the storeroom or bring it on board with you inside the jet.

You Control Your Schedule

How do you feel when you want to travel on a given date and can’t do it because all the seats were booked? What if the missed flight was supposed to land you in another location to sign a multimillion-dollar deal?

Well, that sounds harsh and regrettable. But unfortunately, you could end in such impediments if you don’t take private flights.

Opting for a private flight lets you control your schedule. You fully control your time. This flexibility also allows you to cancel or book flights on short notice.

Improved Privacy

Your personal privacy is sacred. Nothing should compromise it during your flight hours, especially in this coronavirus era. Choosing private jet flights moves your safety needs to high priority. Enjoy access to private terminals away from curious and, at times, jealous eyes.

Additionally, you may use this exceptional privacy to rest better so that you can arrive feeling more energetic and fresher. You may also use that privacy to work on your laptop or tablet without fearing who might be snooping on you. Here, your personal details are safe from suspicious onlookers.

Luxury travel on a budget could include booking a private jet.
Luxury travel on a budget could include booking a private jet.

Better Safety

Lastly, private flights are safer than commercial ones because they offer you a safer way of flying, reducing your exposure to possible security and health risks.0

For example, a survey a certain light jet operator conducted revealed that a commercial jet passenger goes through 700 touchpoints per flight, while a private jet flyer passes through 20 checkpoints. Lower exposure to potential health and security risks lowers the risks by 30 times.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of private jet flights, can you see why traveling on private jets is a better option?

Use this information to make the right choice next time you want to fly.

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