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Guide to the Perfect Private Jet Charter for Your Travels

While a private jet charter can be a splurge, read our guide to see how possible it might be for your next vacation.

Sounds like an episode of the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, right?  Boarding your own private jet charter to some exotic island just you and your husband. Or perhaps even more over-the-top, taking your entire family?  While jet charter rates can be a splurge, sometimes if you weigh all the options, a private jet might just be the perfect option. Read on for a guide to renting the perfect private jet charter for your travels.

While a private jet charter can be a splurge, read our guide to see how possible it might be for your next vacation.
While a private jet charter can be a splurge, read our guide to see how possible it might be for your next vacation. Photo: Pixabay

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Guide to the Private Jet Charter for Your Travels

Private jets sound like a luxury only reserved for the wealthiest on the planet. Yet, once you dig deep, you might just discover that they can be cost-effective as well. On most luxury private jet flights, you read about are celebs or social media influencers and posts about how expensive they are, but not all private jets are like that.

During the COVID-19 crisis, as concerns for personal safety grew, the idea of private jets became more compelling. In some cases, more affordable as well. A private jet charter might no longer be seen as an excessive expense. Instead, many people viewed it as a necessity. In addition, some travelers also might consider private jet fractional ownership often compared to being part of a timeshare.

Here is a quick guide to help you navigate the world of jet charter companies.

Private Jet Charter During Covid-19

While the aviation industry took a huge hit during the COVID-19 crisis, the need for traveling, whether to visit one’s second home, for business reasons, for education, or health reasons, did not reduce. Hence, in many places, flying levels are close to reaching pre-COVID numbers.

While commercial flights do their best to retain passengers, the private aviation industry is not far behind. Not only can they retain passengers but introduce first-time fliers as well.

Focus on Health

Unlike commercial planes, a private jet can provide its passengers with more reassurance regarding health and hygiene.

Using a private jet charter, they can minimize their interaction with strangers and ensure a comfortable flight.

Many private jets are relatively small, making it easier to sanitize them thoroughly.

Traveling for Business

Consider hiring a private jet for business travel.
Consider hiring a private jet for business travel. Photo: Pixabay

While commercial flights have opened up, they are at a low capacity. Some airlines cannot use their full fleet, are not able to operate at certain times, and even have to reduce their number of destinations due to restrictions.

Those who need to travel for business often need to opt for private jets as they turn out to be more convenient during the current crisis.

Health Restrictions

Some people are more vulnerable than others to the current pandemic. Hence, those who may need to travel for health-related reasons may not want commercial options. A private jet, where there is minimal contact with others, therefore, becomes an ideal option.

Lower Costs

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, due to the global pandemic, jet charter rates have lowered. Only the entry fee would cost tens of thousands of dollars. The prices lowered since it was cheaper to keep private jets on air rather than on the ground. This caused luxury private jets to become accessible to more people.

What You Should Know About Private Jets

While private jets might be a luxury, compare the costs and the benefits for renting a private jet for your next vacation.
While private jets might be a luxury, compare the costs and the benefits for renting a private jet for your next vacation. Photo: Pixabay

While the private jet montages you see in the movies are not a complete lie, not all private jets have to be like that. Some models are relatively small and do not have enough space for a private bedroom or, sometimes, a lavatory.

However, such jets are ideal for short flights or when you want to visit areas not served by most commercial airlines. Here are some categories of private jets

Very Light Jet Charters

As the name suggests, these models are the lightest compared to others. These cost-effective jets are quite small and only fly four passengers at once. While some models have a lavatory, some do not.

These light jets cannot support flight attendants on-board, reducing costs further and only supporting moderate baggage.

Very light jet charters operate from short runways, making them ideal for traveling into lesser-known areas where commercial flights cannot land.

Super-light Jets and Light Jets

While a very light private jet charter may be ideal for short trips, you can opt for light jets or super-light jets when you need a better flight range. Both types offer better comfort, capacity, and flight range. These jets can hold up to eight passengers, usually have a lavatory, and handle heavier baggage. Generally, with super-light jets, you get a better flight range than with traditional light jets. However, both jets cannot support a flight attendant crew inboard.

Mid-size Jet Charter

Mid-sized jet charters may be the most cost-effective for enjoying the luxuries of a private jet while also supporting more passengers, baggage, and increasing comfort. Of course, they also have a better flight range.

Mid-sized jets can seat up to 11 passengers, have ample space for your luggage, offer fold-out divans, with standing space in the cabin too. When you want a luxurious trip with all the frills yet still want to save, this is the best option for you.

Private jet charters come in various sizes, from the smallest single-person jets to super-sized jets that offer you any luxury you can think of. While private jets have long been something far out of reach for many people, it is becoming more accessible to people as the industry expands.

When you are willing to sacrifice the luxuries of a private jet charter, you can find some affordable trips as well.

The most expensive component for a private jet, however, is the fuel prices.

How much is a private jet trip depends more on the distance and time, rather than the luxuries,

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