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Perfect Southern France Weekend: Meribel Ski

Photo Credit: Leo-setä Flickr

A famous ski destination in southern France, Meribel offers a huge amount of fun to both newcomers and experienced skiers alike.  This ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley is located in the French Alps near the town of Moutiers. Famous for its picturesque wooden chalets and friendly family atmosphere, this resort is the perfect location for a perfect Meribel ski weekend.

Photo Credit: Leo-Setä Flickr
Méribel Ski – the perfect southern France winter weekend.

More about Meribel, France

Southern France is home to Meribel ski located in the French Alps near the town of Moutiers. Americans certainly prefer Meribel; the village attracts a third of all U.S. winter visitors to France. Meribel is also a favorite of British skiers, known as “Little England upon the Alps.”

One of the most popular and famous ski runs in Meribel is the Combe Vallon situated on the 9,685 feet (2,952 meters) high Mont Vallon. Interconnected resorts share 378 miles (600 km) of terrain and 167 lifts making the 3 Vallées the largest ski area in the World.  Planning an unforgettable Meribel ski weekend is easy to do, as it has everything that you need to have a great time playing on and off the slopes.

The following are some of the attractions in Meribel that any visitor to the town really has to advantage of. How many of them will you try when you get here?

Meribel Ski World Class Skiing

Whether skiing is your number one priority or not, take the time to enjoy the world class skiing experience in Meribel. Choose from an array of exciting ski slopes here for visitors with all levels of ability to go down.

In fact, this resort is part of the world famous 3 Valleys ski area, which offers a staggeringly wide range of slopes to choose from. From thrilling runs for highly experienced skiers to gentle slopes for beginners, it is easy to find the perfect place to ski here.

The beautiful scenery around the slopes means that it is a real pleasure to get out and ski here. Ski lifts transport skiers smoothly. And world class ski instructors are available for lessons before getting started in earnest.

Once you’ve skied down these powdery slopes you will quickly realize why it is that Meribel became such a popular ski destination in the first place. There can be few places in the world where the thrill of skiing is as intense and enjoyable as it is here.

Not Just Skiing: Great Places to Get Out and Eat

Eating out in one of the terrific restaurants in Meribel is a fabulous experience that might be one of the many highlights of the whole trip. The town has some excellent places to eat that make meal times a real pleasure.

As you would expect, a huge range of different types of food are offered in Meribel, from classic French dishes to pizzas and convenient fast food options. The prices also vary widely, with budget eateries and elegant restaurants all present in town.

Among the best options is the centrally located La Taverne, which provides decent value for money in a nice setting. Another place worth checking out is La Tsaretta, which has both a bar selling snacks and a lovely restaurant.

Among the best options in Meribel, France, is the centrally located La Taverne, which provides decent value for money in a nice setting.
Among the best options in Meribel, France, is the centrally located La Taverne, which provides decent value for money in a nice setting.

The classiest options for eating out in Meribel include La Flambée and Aux Petites Oignons. As far as dining on a budget goes, it is hard to beat the popular Le Refuge.

Those tourists who want to try the typical hearty Savoyard recipes from the region will be delighted with the menu at the Hotel La Croix. The most iconic local dishes include wonderful fondues and sausages that are well worth trying.

Après Ski Highlights in your Meribel Ski Weekend

Not everyone who goes on Meribel ski weekends is keen to get out to sample the après ski scene. However, there is no denying that it is also a wonderful town for enjoying some drinks and a fun nightlife.

Those skiers who come here looking for a good time will love the fact that they can choose from so many quality bars, pubs, and clubs here. A fine starting point to any après ski adventure is in Le Rond Point or maybe the Irish pub in town.

You can expect to find a lively atmosphere in just about any bar here, as it is a popular destination with party-goers looking for a great time. Having said that, those visitors looking for a quieter time will find it easy to avoid the crowds of drinkers in this resort.

Another spot worth taking a drink in is the popular Doron Pub, where live music adds to the great feel of this extremely lively place. If what you want is a stylish bar to have a few drinks in then Le Poste is your best bet, although Barometer also has a nice layout that makes it feel classy.

There are also a number of interesting options here for enjoying a more chilled out evening in Meribel. A good example comes with the cool Le Loft bar, where you can listen to laid-back house music in a delightful setting until the wee small hours.

Of course, the weekends are when it is liveliest in Meribel, with plenty of tourists coming here to sample the very special atmosphere for a couple of days. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, you can have some great nights of laughter and dancing while you are here.

Perfect weekend Meribel ski, Rhone-Alpes, France Photo credit: Matt Squirrell/flickr
Perfect weekend Meribel ski, Rhone-Alpes, France Photo credit: Matt Squirrell/flickr

Take Time to Discover Meribel

Like most French ski resorts, Meribel is a fairly compact town easy to explore on foot. It is definitely worth taking the time to do on your weekend trip.

The beautiful setting of the town, nestled high in the French Alps, means that you will see glorious scenery all around you. Just taking a step back to soak up all of this natural beauty is a fantastic way to start your time here.

It is also a fine town for doing some shopping in too. Window shop the attractive shops dotted about the town, mainly specializing in winter clothing, ski gear and souvenirs, although it does offer more variety than many other ski resorts.

In addition, Meribel also offers a cinema. Need a massage, Meribel offers several spa options too. Otherwise, walking around and enjoying the prettiness and tranquility of the resort is a very worthwhile option.

If you have been feeling stressed out or bored at home, then a gentle stroll around pretty Meribel should soon have you feeling a lot better again.  You will surely take some pictures to treasure while you are here.

Other Sports and Activities to Try at Meribel Ski Resort

If you love to ski, then you will want to spend as long as you can out on the slopes. However, there are also other sports and activities to try here that may be of interest to you.

For example, for some indoor exercise at the Olympic Centre with its climbing wall, tenpin bowling, and a gym. This makes it ideal for those days when you want to spend time indoors getting some fun exercise.

If you want something a bit wilder and more thrilling. try snow biking and dog sledding. Either of these sports is likely to get your adrenalin racing in next to no time.

Another activity worth trying in Meribel is snowshoeing. Perhaps you would prefer the thrills and spills of a karting adventure, though.

Getting up in the air is also a fine way of seeing the wonderful scenery too. In this case, you might want to go on a spectacular hot air ballooning trip over the area.

With so much to do at this French Alps resort, you’ll return home with a long list of activities that you want to return to Meribel and try as soon as you can.

A short weekend trip to Meribel ski resort is sure to be an exciting adventure and something that you look back on fondly in the years to come. Give it a try and it is almost certain to quickly become one of your favorite places in the whole world.

Perfect southern France winter getaway, Meribel ski weekend.
Perfect southern France winter weekend, Meribel ski. Photo credit: Kim Rickwood, Flickr
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