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Most Exciting Attractions in Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont, may be the smallest state capitol, but there's plenty to do here

Montpelier may be the smallest capital city in the United States, but this small Vermont town packs a lot of things to do and see in its city limits. Read on as this contributed post reveals some of the most exciting attractions in Montpelier, as well as some tips on planning your trip.

Montpelier, Vermont, may be the smallest state capital, but there's plenty to do here
Montpelier, Vermont, may be the smallest state capital, but there’s plenty to do here. Photo Credit:

Where is Montpelier, Vermont?

Located in the north-central Vermont, Montpelier boasts a population of 8,000, making it the smallest state capital in the United States. But this small town offers big city attractions, including a lively arts and music scene, great restaurants (largely due to the presence of the New England Culinary Institute), excellent schools, and an active community life. For your next visit, here are the most exciting attractions in Montpelier.

Things to Do in Montpelier, Vermont

With many great bike trails, Explore Montpelier, Vermont on two wheels.
With many great bike trails, Explore Montpelier, Vermont on two wheels. Photo via Pixabay

Bike trails

Enjoy many amazing bike trails in Montpelier for seasoned travelers. Check out Perry Hill Trailhead in Waterbury, Berlin Pond trail just outside of Montpelier, and the Millstone trails in Barre.

North Branch Vineyards

Montpelier is home to many vineyards in the city, which is why North Branch Vineyards is so impressive. Maintained and managed by a single family, as soon as you step through the doors, you feel like you are a part of it.

Lost Nation Theater

This is a local theater and beloved establishment, which is dedicated to fine arts. It has been going strong for more than 25 years, and its credibility comes from its selective approach, which means it only produces plays that narrate stories that are about hopeful possibilities of human interaction.

Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

Exciting attractions in Montpelier, Vermont, include a visit to Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks
Photo credit: Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

What is a trip to Vermont without some tasty maple syrup treats? With over 200 years of family experience in the industry, there is nowhere better for this treat than the Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks. This is a Vermont institution where you can pick up syrups from the gift shop, sample some scrumptious maple syrups, and take a tour of the farm.

Vermont State House

The picturesque Vermont State House is a must-visit. You can admire the stunning surrounding gardens, as well as taking a tour of the historic and fully functioning state house.

Rock of Ages

This is the main granite quarrier and manufacturer in the whole of North America. You can enjoy a tour of Smith Quarry. This is impressive, to say the least. In fact, it is thought to be the biggest operation deep-hole, dimension granite across the globe.

Planning Your Trip to Montpelier, Vermont

Where to stay in Montpelier?

There are plenty of accommodation options in the city, ensuring there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient, and cost-efficient stay, there are hotels like the Comfort Inn & Suites Maplewood at Montpelier. However, there are also plenty of lavish options and unique accommodation choices too.

When to visit Montpelier?

There is a well-worn joke about there being only two seasons in northern New England – winter and August. In fact, it’s the seasons that make Vermont so distinctive.

The peak summer season runs from the 4th of July weekend until Labor Day weekend. Summers are exquisite. Fall comes early – you may even notice the signs of this month in mid-August. Winters can sometimes consist of a blanket of fluffy, white snow, and utter tranquility and peace. However, there are bad winters too, i.e. lots of sleet and a nasty mélange of rain. And, so for spring, well, it only tends to last about a week!

Exciting Attractions in Montpelier, Vermont
Exciting Attractions in Montpelier, Vermont Photo via Pixabay
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