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Invest In Future Vacation Plans: Save for Travel

Dreaming of your next vacation? Here are our tips to save for travel now.

With most 2020 vacation plans on the back burner, go ahead and look to the future of beach vacations, cruises, international travel, and more! Invest in your travel plans with these simple ideas to save for travel.

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Invest In Vacation Plans: Save for Travel

2020 has certainly left a lot to be desired. Weddings canceled, large gatherings forbidden and the idea of traveling farther than our hometowns has left most of us feeling like we’re in limbo. But, all is not lost. Even if the pandemic threw a wrench in your travel plans, and you’re not even sure when you’ll be able to travel freely again, why not dedicate this time to your vacation budget and start to save for travel?

Whether saving for a family vacation, a trip with friends, or a solo adventure around the world, you’re going to need to save plenty of money for flights, accommodation, activities, and food. Creating a travel budget and figuring out how much money you’re going to need is your first step, after all the last thing you want is to get yourself into debt. You may also need to get your existing debts dealt with to budget correctly, so check out to get the ball rolling.

Read on for our simple tips on how you can invest by cutting back to save for travel adventures and help fund your next vacation.

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Commit to your Future Travel Dreams

Say no to drinks out and add to your save for travel fund.
Say no to drinks out and add to your save for travel fund. Photo: Pixabay

We all have dreams, but the best way to turn them into a reality is by taking them seriously and dedicating yourself to them. That means being serious about your spending and your saving habits. Simple ways to save on travel might start by declining drinks on a Friday night with friends (and instead add that money to your save for travel budget). Or delaying an upgrade to the latest phone. Perhaps it’s a bigger change, such as taking on another job.

In short, if you want to commit to your travel dreams you need to be all in to save for travel.

Reduce Car Expenses

Take the light rail transit system to the airport to save time and money.
Take Denver’s light rail transit system to the airport to save time and money. Photo credit: Denver International Airport

If you drive, then cutting back on your car usage could help you. Reducing fuel costs will certainly add money to your savings fund. Switching to a smaller vehicle can lower your monthly insurance and payment costs, Perhaps you might even fit into the category of getting rid of your car entirely and that would free up potentially hundreds of dollars in your save for travel budget.

Consider other modes of transport: could you walk to work? Or catch the bus? Maybe dust off that old bicycle and enjoy a health kick whilst you’re at it.

This is also a good time to shop around to see if you can save on auto insurance.

Cut Back on your Luxuries

Tips to invest in future vacations and save for travel #savefortravel #traveltips

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s how to cut back on pampering luxuries. Get your hair colored and styled twice a month? What about your nails? Facial or expensive beauty products? These things are a great way to relax and treat yourself, but they come at a high cost. Try switching to cheaper brands and get your hair fixed only once a month instead. You’ll save a bundle — and add those extra unspent bucks and save for travel.

No More Expensive Gifts!

Gifting Homemade baked goods are a good way to save for travel
Gifting Homemade baked goods are a good way to save for travel Photo: Pixabay

Birthdays, weddings, the holiday season, and other family events. All of these usually require gifts and gifting drains your savings. Let family and friends know that you’re saving your money for your holidays and that they should manage their expectations. Consider buying second-hand gifts.

Or better yet, make homemade gifts! Bake cookies or homemade banana bread and wrap it up in a pretty package.

Shop in advance and look for deals. Another alternative is to do something personal for them instead as a gift, such as completing house chores or cooking them a meal at home.

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Stringent planning and careful saving will get you closer to your saving goal. So, get started as soon as possible. Happy traveling!

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