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How to Save Money on Your Car Expenses

Owning a car is a necessary experience, and we offer ways to save money on car expenses.

Simply said for day-to-day life, a car is most often a necessity and a necessary expense. Combine that with a love of road trips, and owning a car can put a dent in your budget. Here are tips on how to save money on your car expenses.

From car insurance to fuel economy, here are tips on how to save money on your car. #savemoneyonyourcar #savemoney #carsavings #roadtrip

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How to Save Money on Your Car

Most of us need a car to get from A to B. But it comes at a high cost. Insurance, fuel costs, unexpected repairs — and that’s not even including the cost of the car loan. Running a vehicle takes a considerable chunk out of your monthly salary. And when taking road trips with the family, who isn’t looking to save money? Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce the money you spend on your vehicle. Read on to discover some clever ways you can save money on your car.

Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Insurance is a necessary expense for all drivers. You can’t drive legally without it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lower your insurance premiums. Even when happy with your current provider like Qantas car insurance cover, there are ways you can get the best deal without breaking the bank.

Consider the following options to save money on your car insurance:

  • Enroll in a defensive driving course
  • Insure more than one vehicle or driver with your insurance company
  • Consider purchasing a car with a smaller engine
  • Park your vehicle in a garage or driveway overnight
  • Install the latest in anti-theft devices
Save money on your car insurance by investing a driving experience.
Save money on your car insurance by investing in a driving experience.

Never assume that a third party option is the cheapest form of insurance, as fully comprehensive could be better value for your money, so make sure you consider both options before you commit to a policy.

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Forgo Premium Fuel

Save money on your car by forgoing premium fuel.
Save money on your car by forgoing premium fuel. Photo: Pixabay

You may have seen premium fuel advertised on TV, and you may be curious about it when you pull up at the gas station. The reality is, the only difference using premium fuel will make, is to your bank balance. If you have a standard car, then there’s no reason for you to purchase premium fuel to enhance your vehicle’s performance. Unless you have a sports model or you’ve been specially advised to, stick to the normal stuff.

Drive Better

Driving efficiently will save you a lot of money in the long run. Save money on fuel costs and on the overall wear and tear of your vehicle which means unexpected repairs are less likely.

So, next time you’re behind the wheel be a little more mindful of your acceleration and your braking habits. Instead of driving at speed and then pushing down hard on your brakes, drive slower and brake gradually until you coast to a stop. Try to keep your speed as steady as possible and keep to the speed limit, not only will this keep you safe, but it’ll save you money on fuel too.

Check Your Tires Once a Week

For road safety and economy, check your tires frequently.
For road safety and economy, check your tires frequently. Photo: Pixabay

Checking your tires means you’re less likely to break down in the middle of nowhere and have to pay a high price for a recovery truck to come and get you. Also, check the tire pressure to ensure that they’re inflated fully. This is much better for fuel-efficiency.

Monitor Air Conditioning

When it’s hot outside, using the air conditioning in your vehicle is natural. However, you should be mindful of how often you use it. Opt for shorter intervals to save money on your fuel. Consider driving with the windows down when at slower speeds. Put the windows up and the air conditioner on when resuming speed.

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