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Helpful Hacks for Better Sleep When Traveling


Traveling is exciting and rewarding, but if mama doesn’t get sleep on the road, it quickly becomes a no Bueno. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, lack thereof can either make or break a vacation. Read on for our helpful hacks for better sleep when traveling.

Not sleeping is not good especially when on vacation. Read our tips for better sleep when traveling. Photo: Pexels

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Helpful Hacks for Better Sleep When Traveling

When crossing time zones, or trying to get comfortable in an unfamiliar bedroom, adapting to new sleeping routines and environments may take some time. In this guide, we’ll provide some helpful hacks for better sleep when traveling.

Minimize travel stress.

Many people feel stressed when they go on vacation or they travel for work. If packing at the last minute or frantically racing through airport queues with moments to spare, it’s wise to get organized.

Give yourself plenty of time to pack your bags and get to the airport, train station, or ferry terminal, and make sure you’ve got everything you need in advance.

Book transfers or parking online, download or save confirmation emails or tickets and pack your essentials in a carry-on. Check travel documents and entry requirements. Take time to relax, enjoy a drink and some food and stretch your legs before you board.


Use natural remedies.

There are lots of natural remedies and supplements you can use to enhance sleep quality and make you feel calmer and more relaxed. From sleep sprays for your pillow and aromatherapy oils to add to your bath to CBD products and herbal tablets, browse products, read descriptions and usage instructions, and read reviews.

Products that contain lavender and chamomile are often recommended for creating a soothing, serene environment for sleep.


Exercise is incredibly beneficial for heart health, strong bones, and supple joints, as well as mental well-being. It’s also a really powerful sleep aid.

Try to stay active while you’re on vacation or enjoying a break. Go for a walk or a run along the beach, hit the gym in the hotel, or rent bikes to explore the local area. Depending on where you are, also try outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, water sports, rock climbing, and caving.

Create a calming environment.

Create a calming environment for better sleep when traveling. Photo: Pexels

Our sleeping environment has a major impact on sleep quality and our ability to relax and wind down.

Wherever you are, it’s beneficial to try to create a calming environment. Do this by blocking out noise and ensuring that the room is dark. Close the curtains, switch off the main lights and use bedside lamps and wear an eye mask when ready to go to sleep.

Pack comfortable loungewear or pajamas and take time to relax before getting into bed.

Run a bubble bath, read or listen to a chill-out playlist.

Ask for extra blankets and pillows to make you more comfortable if it’s cold in the room or if you prefer two pillows to one.

Traveling can disrupt routines and make it more difficult to get enough sleep. If you struggle to get the rest needed while away, try to minimize travel stress, use natural remedies to help you relax, and stay active. Create a calming environment and wind down before you try to get to sleep.


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