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3 Game-Changing Gadgets For Travel Vloggers

Kayaking Norway Photo Credit: OCLU Gallery

My job is fun. Traveling and experiencing the world through my own lens. I accomplish that by sharing my experiences with words, photos, video and/or all of those. But it isn’t easy etching, oftentimes scraping, a living, especially during pandemics or recession times. We are constantly learning and searching to create the best possible “story” for our readers. Travel bloggers (writers) and travel vloggers keep our eyes on the market and always look for the next big “tool.” For those looking for ways to improve their own vlogging, or if you just love fun gadgets, here are 3 game-changing gadgets for travel vloggers.

What are the Game-Changing Gadgets For Travel Vloggers? Photo: Pixabay
What are the Game-Changing Gadgets For Travel Vloggers? Photo: Pixabay

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3 Game-Changing Gadgets For Travel Vloggers

I’ve been a travel writer for more than two decades — easing toward three decades…but who is counting!? Yet before that even as a young child, I loved words. Reading and writing them. Formulating sentences, creating stories. For most of these years, I wrote for dozen of print publications. When the online world opened up, I also wrote for a wide range of online publications. I segued into travel blogging naturally, because again I love words and, even more, I love sharing my words and experiences with you, my readers.

When earning money blogging and vlogging about travel exploits, I may have one of the most enviable jobs in the world… but it’s also one of the hardest. I work tirelessly to keep my audience engaged and checking in regularly. While nothing is truly free including travel, I’m also constantly looking for sponsors  (no mean feat in an economic where the pandemic has taken the wind out of the sails of the travel industry). While traveling though I also constantly generate content throughout every step of my journey. And while always grateful to have my fans and followers “travel” with me, sometimes I really just want to enjoy just a few moments of solitude without sharing everything.

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Travel vloggers are just like any other kind of digital nomad. Their job may look infinitely idyllic, but they need to remain at peak productivity at all times, otherwise they can end up stranded and penniless on the other side of the world without the social and economic safety nets that many of us take for granted.  And like any freelancer, being able to rely on the right tools and tech can be tremendously helpful. So, let’s take a look at some game-changing gadgets that can be hugely helpful to travel vloggers.

Wireless Trail Camera

With a trail camera, just place it in a wildlife hotspot and wait for the glorious images.
With a trail camera, just place it in a wildlife hotspot and the wildlife will put on a show for your camera. Photo: Pixabay

Are you the kind of vlogger whose natural habitat isn’t swanky hotels or teeming cityscapes but the bustle of the natural world? Do your followers love how up-close and personal you can get with nature? A wireless trail camera can allow you to take spectacularly candid shots of birds, animals and plants in their natural habitat. Take a look at this wireless trail camera review and have a think about how this investment could bring vivid, intimate and dazzling images to your following wherever you go. 

Best of all, with a trail camera, you don’t have to wait patiently for your subjects to appear. Just place it in a wildlife hotspot and let the wildlife appear on your camera.

OCLU Action Camera for Travel Vloggers

Kayaking Norway Photo Credit: OCLU Gallery
Kayaking Norway Photo Credit: OCLU Gallery

If your brand is an outdoor sports / extreme sports meets travel affair, you’ll want a camera that allows you to take stunning pics and video while also leaving your hands free as you run, cycle, climb or jump your way through teeming jungles or above the bustling city streets. This award-winning camera is water-resistant and uses electronic image stabilization so that your followers always get a clear view no matter what you’re doing. 

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Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

Perhaps one of the most important gadgets for travel vloggers is a WiFi hotspot.
Perhaps one of the most important gadgets for travel vloggers is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Photo: Pixabay

As a travel vlogger, productivity is dependent on your tech and your ability to remain connected to your followers. So what happens when your phone or camera battery runs out? What happens when you’re half way through writing a blog or social post and your laptop battery warns you that it’s on the way out? With the Skyroam Solis no need to worry about getting caught out with a dying battery, or expensive roaming charges for mobile data. 

All of these gadgets for travel vloggers allow you to get right into the heart of the action. This reels your audience in as though right next to you when traveling.

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