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My home cooking recipes for family and entertaining

Let the festivities begin with these Kentucky Derby Drink Recipes, Hats & Party Ideas. Photo: Pixabay

Kentucky Derby Drink Recipes, Hats & Party Ideas

With the 149th Kentucky Derby around the corner and more than $233 million wagered on the race last year, it’s time to start planning. For those celebrating the Derby in their home (or at a nearby establishment), we’re bringing the …

From sushi to soba, these are the 5 must-try traditional Japanese foods.

5 Must-Try Tasty Traditional Japanese Foods

While a bucket list trip to Japan may not be possible any time soon, sample the tastes of Nihon (the Land of the Rising Sun) with these 5 must-try tasty Japanese foods. Search for local Japanese restaurants or go-big and …

Honey is sweet – that’s a given as honey is Nature's sweetener. But did you know that honey also adds a special touch to almost any recipe?

10-Minute Honey Recipes and Holiday Hosting Hacks

How naturally sweet it is!  Using nature’s naturally sweet ingredient, honey, creates a perfect holiday treat for your next party. The National Honey Board sweetens your home with these easy-to-make 10-minute honey and holiday hosting hacks.…

What are the essential pantry staples that you should always have on hand?

Pantry Staples: Ingredients You Should Always Have

My family was overzealous pantry purchasers. We lived a ways out in the country on a farm, and we never knew when drifting snow would close our rocky off-the-beaten-path road. Even though I’m now a city-dweller, I carried that tradition …

Get ready for the date night at home dinner idea, including menu, recipes, all resort-inspired by favorite chefs at hotel restaurants.

Resort Inspired Menu: Date Night at Home Dinner Ideas

Looking at yet another uninspired date night at home dinner? Then do we have some fun date night at home ideas! Resort-inspired recipes from chefs and cocktail recipe from mixologists. Get ready for an inspiring date night at home dinner …

Start your St Paddy's Day Celebration with a traditional Irish Coffee.

7 Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

I like cocktails and I cannot lie.  From green beer to wine; a Moscow Mule to an Irish Mule, and everything in between let’s keep the luck o’ the Irish on our side with these St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails. Easy …

The million dollar question when serving pasta: red or white? We have 5 Wines That Pair Best with Pasta Dishes. #winepairing #pasta

5 Fantastic Wines That Pair Best with Pasta Dishes

Who doesn’t love pasta? From spaghetti carbonara to penne arrabbiata, we know that whether traveling the world, dining out, or preparing your meals at home,  delicious pasta dishes often top the list as a favorite. But what makes your classic …


Family Favorite Recipe: Simple KFC Coleslaw Recipe

Confession!  I LOVE KFC cole slaw — sweet, creamy and so yummy! It’s taken me years to perfect, but I’ve blended several favorite restaurant-style sweet coleslaw recipes into a family favorite recipe for sweet and simple KFC coleslaw recipe.…

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