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Food, Wine & Spirits

The food matches the mood. Yet sometimes even seasoned foodies have to stretch their culinary adventure and try something new, whether at home or while traveling. Enjoy these food and drink recipes — and inspiring places for culinary travel.

The million dollar question when serving pasta: red or white? We have 5 Wines That Pair Best with Pasta Dishes. #winepairing #pasta

5 Fantastic Wines That Pair Best with Pasta Dishes

Who doesn’t love pasta? From spaghetti carbonara to penne arrabbiata, we know that whether traveling the world, dining out, or preparing your meals at home,  delicious pasta dishes often top the list as a favorite. But what makes your classic …

We LOVE Pomegranite especially when it's added to this Sunset, one of several easy Cocktail recipes Photo & recipe courtesy of: Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa, Mexico

5 Easy Cocktail Recipes from Mexico Hotels & Resorts

Got Spring Fever? Ready for a summer on the beach?  Ready to visit Mexico…but just don’t have enough vacation or budget remaining?  Throw some sand down in your backyard, get the grill out, and get ready for the beach with …

Say hola to cocktails on the beach with these 7 Places to Celebrate National Cocktail Day in Mexico.

5 Festive Cocktail Recipes from Mexico Resorts

National Cocktail Day might only come around once a year — but of course, then there’s World Cocktail Day, Margarita day, Cosmopolitan Day, Martini Mondays. Just saying… Yet who needs a reason to discover new and delicious cocktail recipes — …

Dish not to miss at STK Denver is the Tuna Tartare with honey soy emulsion.

5 Best Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

Denver is a hot spot for nightlife and foodie adventures with numerous new restaurants and cocktail destinations opening in the past six months. We’re here with the best restaurants in Denver to add to your itinerary.


Family Favorite Recipe: Simple KFC Coleslaw Recipe

Confession!  I LOVE KFC cole slaw — sweet, creamy and so yummy! It’s taken me years to perfect, but I’ve blended several favorite restaurant-style sweet coleslaw recipes into a family favorite recipe for sweet and simple KFC coleslaw recipe.…

Saku Brewery is an Estonian brewery and soft drinks company based in Saku. It was founded in 1820 by the local Baltic German landlord Graf Karl Friedrich von Rehbinder.

5 Must Visit Destinations for Drink Lovers

What’s on your travel bucket list to drink? We’ve got 5 must visit destinations for drink lovers to kick-start your travel adventures.We’re not referring to afternoon tea, but instead, the spirits, wine, and beer that make all foodies giddy with …

Cheers to these 5 low-calorie margarita recipes from zero-calorie Sparkling Ice just in time for International Tequila Day -- and every day!

5 Low-Calorie Margarita Recipes

Although I do enjoy wine, beer, and an occasional mixed drink, life after 50 is a reality check as the battle of the menopausal weight gain is real.  But the reality is that I’m not going to give up the …

Dining Etiquette From Around the World

Sampling local delicacies while experiencing all the local region offers is what makes the world go round. Right?  But what may be often overlooked is our dining etiquette and how we apply  good manners and adjust when we are not …

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