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5 Things Not to Wear for a Long Haul Flight

5 things not to wear on long haul flights

With the shrinking airline seat, it’s difficult enough to get comfortable on an airplane. But when you’re not dressed comfortably, those long flights can seem even more agonizing. You can find travel tips on what to pack for your trip, but what you should wear on the plane? Read on for 5 Things Not to Wear for a Long Haul Flight.

5 things not to wear on long haul flights
With shrinking airline seats, you should know these 5 things not to wear on long haul flights.

Things Not to Wear for a Long Haul Flight

With the age of global flights, more and more people are traveling long haul flights for business as well as pleasure. Yes, you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go within a single day, but keep in mind that day may take the entire 24 hours of travel time with layovers lasting several hours in some airports around the world. This year, if you plan on taking a long haul flight, be cognizant of what not to wear if you don’t want to arrive looking like you slept in your clothes and aching from head to toe.

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1. Large Statement Piece Jewelry

Although large, flashy statement pieces are all the rage in jewelry in most countries around the world, if you are going on a long flight they can get extremely uncomfortable when cramped in an undersized seat as most airplanes have. Instead, pack your heavy jewelry in a stylish cabin case (carry on) where you can quickly pull it out when you reach your destination. (You can find easily order on the Charles Ford London website.)

2. Shoes that Lace

Perhaps the number one piece of travel advice that many seasoned travelers have to offer is in regards to the shoes you choose to wear. It is suggested that you never wear shoes that lace simply because you will most likely be kicking them off during that long haul flight. You’ve little enough room as it is sitting comfortably in your seat. Now, can you imagine trying to bend forward to put them back on when you reach the airport? You certainly don’t want to be elbowing the passengers on either side of you, so wear slip-on shoes for greater comfort.

3. Cotton or Linen Outfits

You very well may be flying in the hottest months of the year when cotton and linen clothing allows for more breathability in terms of comfort. But unfortunately, cotton and linen wrinkle and crease way too easily when seated for long periods of time. Lightweight synthetic knits would do perfectly well to keep you cool enough for comfort but wear well enough to keep you looking refreshed when arriving at your destination. In fact, most flights get extremely chilly up in the air so you might want to carry along a sweater as well.

4. Bulky Clothing

Here again, it’s a good idea to be mindful of just how small those airplane seats really are. They are so small that many airlines are charging larger people a second airfare price because they need that extra room on long haul flights. Bulky clothing will restrict you, at the best of times, making sitting for any length of time more than a tad uncomfortable. On long flights that ‘may’ get a bit chilly, carry along a jacket or sweater you can tuck away overhead, but avoid bulky clothing for ultimate comfort.

5. Heavy Scents or Fragrances

Out of respect for others who have a sensitivity or allergy to some fragrances, try to avoid anything other than a light misting of body spray after stepping out of the shower. In fact, some frequent travelers suggest you abstain from fragrances altogether. There have been times when other passengers complained to the point that the flight attendants had to ask the person wearing the fragrance to step inside the restroom to rinse it off if possible. What could be more embarrassing than that?

You are about to go on a very long flight so the things you choose to wear should allow you maximum comfort while ensuring the people around you are comfortable as well. Arrive at your destination looking as refreshed as you were when you embarked and you’ll find the trip a whole lot more enjoyable. Wear the wrong attire and you’ll soon regret it.

The takeaway here? Dress for comfort!

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