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12 Ways to Recharge in Las Vegas

Tips- Las-Vegas

Las Vegas is a city full of fun things to do. There is always something going on at any time of day. Yet sometimes, you just need to escape from all that hustle and bustle. Read our suggestions of ways to recharge in Las Vegas.

Tips- Las-Vegas
When in Sin City, Tips to Enjoy Las Vegas Photo: Pixabay

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12 Ways to Recharge in Las Vegas

Lights, sounds, and people everywhere — that’s the beauty of Las Vegas. Though it makes for an exciting vacation, yet this can get exhausting and overwhelming really quickly.

Keep reading to discover the top 12 ways to recharge in Las Vegas when it all feels like too much.

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1. Lounge Poolside

One of the ways to recharge in Las Vegas is to lounge poolside at any number of hotel and resort pools. Photo: Pixabay

Las Vegas is quite literally in the middle of the desert, but there are plenty of places to cool off. Some Las Vegas pools are more of a party scene but on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are plenty of serene pools for ultimate relaxation.

The pools at The Venetian, Bellagio, The M Resort, and The Golden Nugget all have daybeds, cabanas, or loungers that are quiet and intimate. There are even poolside massages available depending on where you go. Not staying in any of those resorts? Consider getting a day pass.

2. Elevated Dining Experience

Though the infamous Las Vegas buffets are delicious, they aren’t exactly relaxing. You have to weave through people to fill your plate and the amount of options is daunting. Instead, to recharge in Las Vegas, opt for an elevated dining experience.

Several restaurants have stunning views, world-class food, and outstanding service.

For instance, Spago has an immaculate view of the Bellagio Fountains, a menu that is perfectly curated by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, and a hospitable and kind staff to take care of anything you need.

3. Enjoy Nature

Nature has an energy about it that is rejuvenating. Our natural world is simply beautiful. Las Vegas is situated near some wonderful nature havens like the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Canyon. Whether you like to hike, kayak, or enjoy a picnic with a view, take advantage of the nature Las Vegas has to offer to recharge.

If you don’t want to make the trip out of the city, there are a few botanical gardens that are gorgeous right on the Las Vegas Strip such as the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

4. Take a Meditation or Yoga Class

Meditation and yoga are fantastic to reset both mentally and physically. Though you may not think about taking a health and wellness class while on vacation, you’d be surprised how good you’ll feel after. Las Vegas has regular meditation and yoga classes that are open to the public. Sometimes they are free, though there is occasionally a small fee.

5. Get Las Vegas Mobile IV Therapy

Las Vegas mobile IV therapy is a service that comes to your hotel room or rental to provide IV hydration services.

They custom mix a solution with vitamins and electrolytes that will hydrate you better than anything you can drink. The electrolytes replace those that you have sweat out while out on the town and the extra boost of vitamins supports your immune system.

Las Vegas is drying to your skin and overwhelms your immune system with exposure, so Las Vegas mobile IV therapy is the perfect way to recharge and ensure you stay in good health while on vacation.

6. People Watching

One thing about Sin City is there are always interesting things to see. Take a break from hoping activity to activity and just sit to look at your surroundings. Grab a cup of coffee, sit somewhere with high foot traffic, and recharge while you embrace your nosey side. You may even see a wedding or two!

7. Book a Spa Day

Now more than ever, these tips for health management when traveling are even more important than before.
Now more than ever, these tips for health management when traveling are even more important than before. Photo: Pexels

A spa day may seem like an obvious way to recharge, but don’t underestimate the unique spa services in Las Vegas. Whether you head to the spa or have them come to your hotel room or rental, restore achy muscles and tired skin with a few world-class spa treatments.

8. Ride in a Gondola

Go to Paris without a long flight. At Paris Las Vegas, you can recharge by embracing the Parisian lifestyle with a gondola ride. They will paddle you through the canals while you get to enjoy the sights and float on calm waters. There’s even an Effiel Tower replica that makes for a good little photoshoot.

9. Stroll Through a Museum

Museums are often underrated on vacations. Everyone always gravitates to the exhilarating activities, though a museum is entertaining while still being at a slow pace. Museums like the Mob Museum are a great way to recharge in Las Vegas since you can do it all at your own speed.

10. Experience High Tea Service

High tea isn’t as popular in the United States as in other countries. However, Las Vegas has embraced the mid-afternoon break.

Get luxurious high tea service at the Waldorf Astoria or for a more budget-friendly option, hit up Cafe Lola for one of their kettles. High tea is all about relaxing in the middle of the day, so don’t rush through it if you want to recharge!

11. Sleep In

Between time changes, late nights, and being constantly on the go, traveling is tiring. Instead of bouncing out of bed every day while in Las Vegas, take a day or two to sleep in. A couple of extra hours of sleep is an excellent way to recharge and get refreshed to truly enjoy whatever is next.

12. Browse and Shop

Las Vegas has fantastic shopping locations. From outlets to designer stores, there is something for everyone. Grab your favorite drink to sip on and stroll through a few stores. Retail therapy anyone?

Traveling in general really takes it out of you, but Las Vegas can take an extra toll. Sneak a few of these 12 ways to recharge in Las Vegas, so that you don’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

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