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5 Tips to Stay Organized on Vacation

Can you hear the beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii, calling you?

Vacations are a beautiful adventure. Yet this adventure can be stressful if (when) things go awry, but with a little pre-planning, yours can be as perfect as possible with these 5 tips to help you stay organized on vacation.

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5 Tips to Stay Organized on Vacation

While some travelers love to enjoy a spontaneous trip away, understandably, it’s not for everyone. If you have children or simply like to keep one step ahead, planning is important.

However, knowing where to begin can be challenging. You don’t want to stress so much that you don’t end up enjoying your time away.

Below we are going to talk about 5 tips you stay organized on vacation.

Let’s get started!

1. Book everything in advance.

From hotels to resorts, villas to AirBnB, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers many types of accomodations

From hotels to resorts, villas to AirBnB, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers many types of accommodations. Photo: Pixabay

To avoid any mishaps along the way, booking everything in advance is perhaps of the most important tips to stay organized on vacation. You’ll feel much more at ease if you know that your favorite attractions are booked, and you have accommodation each night.

Luckily, online platforms make the process easier than ever. You can find passes, locate the best deals, and all of the information will be stored on your phone. Check out these American Hotels to get started.

2. Make a packing checklist.

Making a packing checklist might seem like a bit of hard work, but trust us when we say it comes in handy. You won’t forget anything important and will also prevent overpacking.

Check out this printable packing checklist so that you can begin. However, you may need to make changes depending on where you are going and the length of your stay.

3. Choose outfits that you can mix and match.

Simple stylish travel tips include packing laters (and wearing on the flight)

Simple stylish travel tips include packing layers (and wearing on the flight). Photo: Pixabay

There’s nothing worse than spending hours sorting through your luggage, realizing that you can’t find anything to wear. Make mornings go a little smoother, by pre-planning exactly what you will be wearing each day.

Try and select outfits that you can mix and match together. You won’t need to worry about doing so much washing and can create multiple looks with just a few items.

Perhaps you’re not a fashionista? Consider subscribing to StitchFix, an online personal stylish service, and let a stylist choose your wardrobe.

4. Use packing cubes inside your luggage.

Packing cubes help travelers stay organized when on vacation.

Packing cubes help travelers stay organized when on vacation. Photo: Pixabay

You’ve probably heard this before, but it really is one of the best ways to keep your luggage more organized. Packing cubes not only save room but can categorize all of your different articles of clothing together.

You can even use an empty cube to store all of your dirty laundry. They really are worth the investment.

5. Download travel apps on your phone.

Finally, another great way to keep yourself organized on your vacation is to download various travel apps. There is a wide range of great ones out there that can help you in several ways.

A few popular options include:

  • TripIt – Allows you to keep track of itineraries and essential documents.
  • PackPoint – A digital checklist that accounts for weather, activities, and other factors.
  • Google Translate: Translates text and photographs if you are traveling to a country that speaks a different language.
  • TravelSpend: Helps you create and stick to a travel budget.


By following the above tips to stay organized on vacation, you can enjoy an incredible holiday that is both organized and enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stick to a schedule, and you may even enjoy yourself more because of it.

Good luck and have fun!

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