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Time to Talk Travel, Tips On Great Travel Spots

We can think of no other topic better than travel and no better social media platform than Blab to talk travel, tips on great travel spots. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a hot cup of tea or your favorite glass of wine and gather around our informal blab chat room. Let’s talk travel.
Portland Lets Talk Travel Blab

Talk Travel, Tips on Great Travel Spots

Earlier today, my good friend Des at invited me to #blab chat and talk about travel and tips on Great Travel Spots. The invitation was inspired by a recent TravelingMom series of 3 collaborative articles I put together. I had never participated in a blab chat before, but that has never stopped me from blabbing.  And I love to Talk Travel…so why not? Approved Family Travel Spots

WHY? Because Traveling Moms  know the secret to finding the best family travel spots around the world, so I polled the experts who shared some of their Best Places to Travel in 2016.  From the Caribbean to Eastern Europe to sunny Central America to warm and inviting Mexico, these are a few of our favorite spots for vacationing with kids.

We chatted about TravelingMom aporoved global destinations and tips for traveling from these articles:

  1. Best Places to Travel in 2016
  2. Best Places to Take Your Kids in 2016
  3. Take Your Kids to These Must See Vacation Spots in 2016

And of course, general Blab Talk.  Click on link below to listen / watch the recorded blab Chat from Tuesday, January 19, 1 pm EST and join my friend Des every Tuesday for a Travel themed Blab Chat.

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