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3 Simple & Practical Gift Ideas for Travelers

Make in an impression with these simple gifts for travelers

Some are born just instinctively knowing what gifts to buy for each person?  Others…not so much. Are you that person who struggles coming up with gift ideas for travelers in your family?  Here are a few practical and stylish options to make a good impression.

Make in an impression with these simple gifts for travelers
Make an impression with these simple gifts for travelers. Photo: Pixabay

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3 Simple & Practical Gift Ideas for Travelers

Shopping for gifts is always tricky. You want to impress your family and friends with something cool and thoughtful, but you also want to give them something that they can actually use. When it comes to the travel addicts in your life, you can either buy something that they can use on the road or something that is useful at home but can soothe their wanderlust.

If you struggle coming up with gift ideas for the travelers in your life, here are a few practical and stylish options that will make a good impression.

Kindle Paperwhite

An e-book reader is a perfect gift for travel addicts. It’s slim and lightweight and can carry thousands of books. The Kindle Paperwhite has a long battery life and more than two times the storage. And it’s waterproof!  This is the ideal companion for long bus rides or train journeys. Those long waiting moments at the airport can pass quicker and in a more productive way with a Kindle.


To make your gift more fitting for travelers, add a stylish waterproof protection cover. Of course, an e-book reader is also useful between trips, either for reading an inspiring travel memoir or for reading a travel guide on a future destination.

Travel Scarf

This travel scarf also features hidden pockets.
This travel scarf also features hidden pockets.

What is a travel scarf and how is it different from a regular one? First of all, a travel scarf includes one or two hidden pockets to keep passports secure or to store emergency cash, thus promoting travel safety. Secondly, a travel scarf is much larger and is made from a special lightweight fabric. This means a traveler can use it as a shawl or as a blanket to keep warm on the road. A travel scarf can even double as a travel pillow.

 A travel scarf also provides good protection against heat or dust. It can be rolled and used as a pillow too. Besides being so versatile, it’s also a fashionable item. Most travel scarfs come in cool colors and designs, which makes them both practical and stylish.

Hydro Flask

Stay healthy while traveling, by bringing your own water bootle
Stay healthy while traveling, by bringing your own water bottle. Photo: Pixabay

Few people other than travelers can appreciate the incredible usefulness of a reusable water bottle. Staying hydrated on the road is essential, but buying bottled water is not environmentally-friendly. Not to say that there are moments in a trip when there’s nowhere to buy water from.

A reusable water bottle like the hydro flask is much more cost-efficient in the long run too. Why is a hydro flask special? Besides a long lifespan, these double-walled stainless-steel bottles can keep cold liquid cold, and hot liquid hot, which makes them perfect for trips in every season. You can personalize your gift with cute and interesting hydro flask stickers to make it unique and more attractive.

If you’re a traveler, you know most travelers like to pack light and carry only items that can prove useful on the road. However, practical gifts can be boring. This is why our list includes items that are not only useful but also cool. The travel addicts in your life will be grateful for your attempt to make their trips more comfortable.


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