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Pool Fun: Ways to Stay Entertained (While the Kids Play)

Get lost in a book and reward yourself with a little personal pool fun.

My grandkids LOVE the pool. Seriously. These little fishies (ages toddler to teen) can and will spend countless hours in the pool. No matter the season. Indoors or outdoors. The neighborhood pool or hotel pool. Meanwhile, I’m not so much of a pool fan, likely as I am not a great swimmer. Yet everyone, no matter the age, might get bored at the pool. So what’s a kid, parent or grandparent to do? Here are some ways to stop the boredom and stay entertained during your family pool fun time, when traveling or at home.

Kids love the pool, but sometimes even kids need a break with these ways to keep the pool fun going.
Kids love the pool (especially the pools at The Atlantis, Nassau Paradise Island, The Bahamas), but sometimes even kids need a break to keep the pool fun going.

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Pool Fun: Ways to Stay Entertained (While the Kids Play)

Lounging around by the pool all day is the perfect holiday for many travelers including my grandkids. While for others, it’s tedious and boring, but alas, we do it for our family, right? However, when the sun’s at its peak and far too hot, even the kids need a break!

There is a multitude of ways to stay entertained around the pool and escape boredom (while the kids play). Start with these 2 simple ways below to have more pool fun. If you have a pool holiday on the horizon, then, you might want to read on.

BE SAFE!  Thanks to one of our readers, I do want to clarify and communicate that I have “older” grandkids who are excellent swimmers and take care of the other younger grandkids. With that said, do not leave small children unattended in or near the pool. 

1. Make use of your smartphone.

Pool Fun - Ways to Stay Entertained While the Kids Play #poolfun

Your smartphone isn’t just a device for making phone calls and sending text messages — and your kids already know that. It’s okay to give them a timeout of the sun and sit in the shade and catch up with their friends or on their social media accounts.  And it’s also okay to allow yourself some pool fun out of the sun catching up with your own friends!

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Pool Fun: Music Please

Make your own pool fun by downloading a music app on your smartphone.
Make your own pool fun by downloading a music app on your smartphone. Photo: Pixabay

From your smartphone, sign up to a music package service and stream your favorite summer songs or bands. Search the market and look for the best-priced package. Here are a few options:

  • Amazon Music Unlimited can be accessed for $79 per year an Amazon Prime member.
  • Enjoy a three-month free trial of Apple Music before paying $9.99 per month thereon after. Students enjoy a discounted $4.99 per month or consider a family plan for up to 6 family members for only $14.99.

Download Games or Activity Apps

If you’re happy to listen to the tunes played at your pool bar, then you consider instead downloading a game or activity app such as a mystery game that will see you spend your time trying to pick up clues and solve cases.

Avoid sunburns by allowing the kids (or yourself) to escape to the shade a play games on your smartphone.
Avoid sunburns by allowing the kids (or yourself) to escape to the shade and play games on your smartphone. Photo: Pixabay

Adults could download Unibet so that you can try your luck on casino games or sports betting. (Do read your local gaming laws and regulations.)

Whatever you want to change up your pool fun, there will be sure to be an app on your device’s application store that will be perfect for you.

2. Dive into an e-reader

If you find diving into the pool to be just as tedious as lounging around it, then you can always dive into a good book instead. If you use an e-reader, you can dive into as many good books as you wish

Get lost in a book and reward yourself with a little personal pool fun.
Get lost in a book and reward yourself with a little personal pool fun. Photo: Pixabay

By bringing along an Amazon Kindle device, you will have access to thousands of books, without having to sacrifice all of your allocated luggage space to do so. You never know, you might become that engrossed in your book(s) of choice that you completely forget you are poolside.

Or pull out an old-fashioned paper copy or hardcover and read a book poolside.

While you’re waiting for your family and friends to finally be ready to leave the pool, give yourself permission to kick back and enjoy your own vacation. Remember, you deserve to enjoy your holiday just as much as they do, so it’s okay to spend your time doing things that you want to do, too.

What is your favorite pool fun thing to cool down and stay entertained while the kids play?

2 thoughts on “Pool Fun: Ways to Stay Entertained (While the Kids Play)”

  1. Please don’t sit glued to your phone, e-book reader or anything else while your kids are in the pool. A friend’s 9 year old daughter drowned and has since passed away after a mishap at the town pool 2 weeks ago. The mom was on her phone, the lifeguard did not see her slip under until it was too late. Drowning is silent, there is no screaming or flailing. They go down and submerge before you even realize what’s going on. There were hundreds of people in the pool, many near her. No one noticed. It’s up to the person who brings the children into the pool area to not take their eyes off of them, don’t rely on lifeguards or others to watch your kids. My friend learned a lesson she will never forget.

    1. You are so correct, Katie! I have older grandkids now, but of course, one shouldn’t take time out for younger kids and not pay attention, without having another adult supervising. I will make sure to edit that to add a note. Thank you for the safety reminder!

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