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Luggage Review: Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0 Spinner

Oh the endless search for the perfect carry-on bag. I’ve been mostly content with my spinner Samsonite luggage set, a Christmas present from my daughter a couple of years ago. However, I’m always searching for the really perfect suitcase. The carry-on  luggage that rolls away from the competition. The one that perfectly fits everything you need for a long weekend getaway without getting the evil eye from the airline stewards.  Then ta-dah, just like that, I was given the opportunity to review the Ricardo Beverly Hills Elite Roxbury 2.0 Spinner.  And you know they had me at spinner.

Hello there, handsome. Will you, the Ricardo Elite Roxbury, be the perfect carry on luggage?

Why the Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0  Spinner is the Perfect Carry On?

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1. Lightweight!  

This 21″ piece of luggage was created by Ricardo Beverly Hills as a carry-on, made with high-impact Makrolin Polycarbonate, another word for sturdy and light! The polycarbonate shell is designed to withstand the impact of baggage handlers and airport travel.

Ricardo Luggage Elite Diana
Here I am primed and ready to hit the road for a long weekend of travel with my carry on luggage, Ricardo Roxbury.

2. Double-Spinner!

Love! I still remember carrying (yes I said carrying) my luggage, not pulling, and the aching backs and shoulders. The Roxbury has those smooth-rolling double-spinner wheels that simply move at barely a touch. Backward, forward, sideways, yep, I’m in love.

3. Multi-compartment organization. Zippers, we got zippers.

Zippered Divider pocket, perfect for undergarments. Zippered Mesh Modesty Pocket, which I used for non-liquid toiletries. I also liked that a security-cleared ziploc bag was included to breeze through lines.

4. Two compartment Packing, Built in Suit Loop & Padded Tie Down Strap.

One side has adjustable tie-down straps, while the other zips down. I waver between over and under packing, so these two compartments subliminally organized my choices of what to pack. Perfect for those quick 3-4 day business trips or weekend getaways. (And you can also pack 14 pairs of shoes in this suitcase. Really!)  PS. I also like the built in TSA approved locks.

5. It’s all about the color.

Don’t you just love the Dark Cherry color? For me, luggage with a stand out color, whether I check or carry on, is important. Forget about boring black suitcases. I really love the color options of the Ricardo Beverly Hills brand, and yes, it is important to make a statement, accessorizing even with your luggage is the new big thing. Didn’t you know?

Ricardo Luggage
Pick a color, any color, and start spinning your way to the perfect carry on, the Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0.

The Bottom Line

That’s a lot to love about this carry on luggage from Ricardo Beverly Hills. At first, I was a bit put out that there wasn’t an exterior pocket for my iPad or book, but after rolling my way through security on a recent trip to Disney World, I actually didn’t miss it. I still carry a laptop backpack, so I tucked the iPad into that.

My verdict is simple: Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0 is the perfect carry on luggage for your weekend getaway or short business trip.

Now if I could just find the perfect “bag” for my electronics, their charges and plugs!  Does it even exist?

Disclaimer: Ricardo Beverly Hills provided the product for my review; opinions expressed here are my own.


Ricardo Beverly Hills
The perfect carry on? Yes! The Ricardo Elite Roxbury 2.0 is designed for organizational packing and spinning through security.
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