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House Moving Tips & Hacks

You don't have to do it yourself! Enlist the help of professional movers especially for the heavy stuff.

Our family moved one week before Christmas into the house we’ve called home now more than two decades ago. Since then, our family has grown and now have their own family, but I still remember clearly the stress. To help ease your transition into a new home, our guest author offers these house moving tips and hacks.

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House Moving Tips & Hacks

If you’re finally moving to your dream home with your family, congratulations! Surely, you and your family have dreamed of buying this house for years, and you’re finally about to make that happen in a few months or weeks. You can finally enjoy a fun and love-filled dinner as you enjoy peace and quiet in your own neighborhood.

Unfortunately, you might realize that before you can enjoy this beautiful scene, you may also have to fix your belongings and organize an entire house move. Just the idea of having to organize everything and transport everything to your new home can be extremely stressful.

However, just because the idea of organizing a move can feel stressful doesn’t make it impossible. In fact, with some of the house moving tips and hacks below, you can make that move with your family extremely fun and fulfilling.

Visit Your New Neighborhood with the Family.

Moving can be stressful, but ease the pain with these moving tips and hacks
Moving can be stressful, but ease the pain with these moving tips and hacks. Photo: Pixabay

When you need to go to your new neighborhood for some errands, whether to submit some documents or meet with your NYC Movers, involve your family in the visit as well. Encourage them to explore their new neighborhood and discover reasons to love the new place they’ll be living in. Discover new hotels, restaurants or places you can rent while you’re having professionals help you fix things at home. That way, you’ll acquaint yourself properly with the rest of the neighborhood in no time at all.

Create and Manage a Digital Inventory.

If you’re just about to finalize your move, a great way to start is to create and manage a digital inventory for your family. Not only does this avoid losing access to a physical list, but it also allows you to actively edit and engage with your belongings in real-time. All your family members can have access to such an inventory and notify just what things they own and what they want to do with them. These include selling, throwing away, or even keeping items for your new home. This is a great way of identifying what things you own on the get-go, so your movers may also be able to provide more accurate quotations.

Elaborate on Your Schedule with Necessary Parties.

Aside from your family, take note of who your schedule might affect – including personal endeavors, work deadlines, and even schoolwork. Make sure your kids’ principals and your managers are aware of the impact of the move on them. That way, you can be notified whether you might need to transfer branches with your work, or whether it’s still possible for your children to attend their current school or if they need to transfer.

Pack Slowly Instead of Over the Weekend.

Chances are, you’ll likely set up a schedule over the weekend where you’ll be packing everything at home. This can get tricky, as last-minute emergencies might happen and may interrupt the flow of your move. Avoid this stress by packing your things slowly in order to avoid any potential problems that might arise before you fully begin your traveling process. Packing earlier allows you to retain your day-to-day habits without having to compromise work or schooling.

Assign Tasks to your Family Throughout the Move.

Moving can be fun, right? Assign kids the task of packing for themselves
Moving can be fun, said no one ever… Assign kids the task of packing for themselves. Photo: Pixabay

Just because you’re managing the move doesn’t mean you have to handle everything yourself. You can transform your move into a meaningful process by involving everyone in your family in the process.

Assign the kids (or hubby!) to be in charge of the things they own. This includes putting it in your inventory, packing them, and unpacking them. This instills a sense of responsibility for the things they own and takes the stress off of you as to which box is whose.

Get Help from Professional Movers to Handle the Heavy Lifting.

You don't have to do it yourself! Enlist the help of professional movers especially for the heavy stuff.
You don’t have to do it yourself! Enlist the help of professional movers especially for the heavy stuff. Photo: Pixabay

If you’re unsure what to do especially when it comes to the heavier parts of the move – such as packing, unpacking, and the transportation of your belongings – you’re better off asking help from moving services long distance. Their particular specialization and skillset will be able to help you and your family handle much of your moving needs without risking breaking your things or overspending. Moreover, they can provide specialized services such as storage and sole transportation instead of full-service moves, giving you professional options that won’t hurt your budget.

House Moves For The Family: Make It A Bonding Experience

With the above below in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s completely possible to transform your busy house move into a wonderful bonding experience for you and the family. With the right division of tasks and proper time management, you may be able to make your move extremely efficient and on-point, especially when your family starts to come together to do their tasks. Remember, your dream house will be your family’s new home, so all of you should be able to make the dream work!

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