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Quirky Holiday Party Alternatives

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts bring families together.

Holidays are complicated this year, to say the least, but why be all Grinch? Who wants to celebrate? We do! Here are some unconventional holiday party alternatives, from virtual game nights to scavenger hunts.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts bring families together.
Great for all ages, outdoor Scavenger Hunts bring families together. Photo: Lets Roam

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Quirky Holiday Party Alternatives

With COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown taking up most of the 2020 year, we could all use a party or two. But this doesn’t mean we have to compromise on safety, and that’s why hosting an out-of-the-box alternative holiday party is the best idea. Below is our list of 9 quirky, unconventional holiday party alternatives that are super fun and super safe – so mask up and let your hair down!

Host a Virtual Game Night

Host a virtual game night this holiday.
Host a virtual game night this holiday. Photo: Lets Roam

Who said you need to meet IRL to have a party? A virtual game night is the best way to safely enjoy a lovely time with your loved ones. Don’t worry about wearing a mask or sanitizing every five minutes! Instead, host a fun game night without leaving your couch.

Let’s Roam’s Virtual Game Night has new games to choose from every week, so you’ll never run out of choices. There are special holiday themes too, so you can get into the festive spirit. In addition, you can add up to 16 people based on your subscription, so you’re sure to have a lively party.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

From outdoor scavenger hunts to virtual game night, we've got quirky holiday party alternatives for you. #holidaypartyalternatives #holidaypartyideas #virtualholidayparty #letsroam

Explore your city in new, interesting ways with a city scavenger hunt. This app-led adventure lets you safely discover your city – sending you on an exciting, whirlwind outdoor tour. Every stop on the hunts is safe to visit, they never require you to go inside, and the live leaderboard ensures you can keep track of your opponents’ progress without getting too close. Explore the outdoors as you practice social distancing. It’s sure to be a holiday party to remember!

If stepping out of the house isn’t too appealing, try Let’s Roam’s indoor hunts. There are over a dozen family and date activity options. With exciting puzzles, challenges, and photo-ops, these hunts guarantee a totally unique holiday party experience.

Host an Adventure at Home

Let Adventures From Scratch do the holiday planning, and choose from more than 50 scratch-off adventures. Photo: Let's Roam
Let Adventures From Scratch do the holiday planning, and choose from more than 50 scratch-off adventures. Photo: Let’s Roam

What’s a party without a surprise twist? For your next party (be it within your social bubble or virtual), let Adventures From Scratch do the planning.

With more than 50 scratch-off adventures to choose from, you scratch one off with your party guests and go on a spontaneous adventure. There are many exciting activity categories for whatever suits your taste:  “Cook,” “Get Silly,” “Create,” “Move,” and many more. You might end up on a hiking party, a stay-at-home fiesta, or a virtual Olympics throwdown.

Host a Holiday Potluck

Host a holiday buffet, which can also be virtual!
Host a holiday buffet, which can also be virtual! Photo: Pixabay

Spread some holiday cheer with a wholesome potluck dinner party. If you want to get together with people in your social bubble, invite them over for a fun potluck featuring meaningful recipes.

However, if you have a virtual dinner party, borrow a special recipe, and ask all party guests to make it so that you can all learn to cook something new together. This means that you get to try an authentic recipe from the comfort of your home. Dine together while on a video call with your friends or coworkers, and let the good times roll!

Try Socially Distanced Caroling

Christmas isn’t Christmas without caroling. Don’t let the lockdown bring you down this holiday season. Go on a caroling spree with your loved ones, but make sure to socially distance. For instance, you can host a caroling party at a park where you can stand at a distance and sing together. Otherwise, you and your friends can visit neighboring houses at the same time and sing for them. If all else fails, host a caroling karaoke party online. Find some songs, get the music going, and sing your heart away this holiday season!

Have a Movie Night

A movie party is a surefire way to spark cozy conversation. If you can’t host a movie party inside your house, get your group together for a socially distanced movie night outdoors. All you need is a projector and a blank wall – project a fun holiday movie on a building’s wall and have your own mini drive-in theatre party. You can also try a virtual movie night with Netflix Party – your group can watch a movie together and chat without leaving the app!

Host a Gift Exchange

Bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces by hosting a gift exchange. Organize a Secret Santa exchange so that no one in your group is left out. If you’re hosting a virtual gift exchange, make sure that your gifts have been sent out well in advance, then have everyone open their gifts over a video call. Everyone will be caught up in the holiday spirit and will be feeling merry.

Guilt-Free Workout Party

Indulge in holiday treats guilt-free as you host a workout party. There are two ways of going about this. If you want to meet IRL, choose an open, free location like a park, where you can host a socially distanced workout session. Try your hand at Yoga or aerobics with your friends. Otherwise, you can host a virtual workout party. Here, you can follow YouTube videos or play fun games. For example, check out this version of Never-Have-I-Ever – for every statement you agree with, you need to do five pushups or squats. You’ll work up a sweat in no time and be ready for more egg nog!

Try an Ugly Sweater Costume Party

Quirky Holiday Party Alternatives include an ugly Christmas Sweater contest, and you can even make it virtual.
Quirky Holiday Party Alternatives include an ugly Christmas Sweater contest, and you can even make it virtual. Photo: Pixabay

There ain’t no party like an ugly sweater party! This holiday season, get silly with your friends and loved ones as you host an ugly sweater costume party. If you’re looking to socially distance, wear these costumes as you take a walk together or head to a park.

If you want to stay at home, that’s perfectly fine too – put on your funny costumes during your next virtual party or video call. While you’re on the call don’t forget to pose for a group photo (or in this case, group screenshot). There’s no bad time to flaunt an ugly sweater!

Heading into an unpredictable holiday season, spending quality time with loved ones is necessary for good mental health. Quality time helps you feel loved, cherished, and cared for. With these alternative party ideas, you’re assured of safety, fun, and festivities!

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