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Healthcare Jobs for Travelers


Love to travel? Consider healthcare jobs for travelers. This gives you the opportunity to get paid AND travel the world!  From traveling nurses to healthcare on cruise ships, and everything in between, take a look at our list of careers in healthcare for travelers.

Healthcare Jobs for Travelers

There are many jobs within the healthcare industry that can allow you to see the world. These could be ideal for anyone looking for a medical job that also wants to

travel. Below are just some of the different jobs to consider and how to achieve them.

From traveling nurses to medical professionals on a cruise, consider these healthcare jobs for travelers. Photo: Pexels

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Travel Nurse: Healthcare Jobs for Travelers

If you have experience as a nurse, consider becoming a travel nurse. What is a travel nurse? A travel nurse is someone who takes on temporary nursing jobs to fulfill shortages, often working at multiple different hospitals or clinics within a year. It’s an opportunity to carry out nursing work while traveling to different locations.

Travel nursing isn’t for everyone – you need to be able to constantly adapt to new hospitals and clinics, often while they are under a lot of pressure due to staff shortages. There are perks to these jobs. However, travel nurses are often well-paid and may even get free housing and travel reimbursement in some cases. To find travel nurse jobs enlist the help of a specialist recruiter.

Medical Sales Rep

Some companies hire sales reps to travel the country (or even the world) selling specific healthcare products. Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals are popular examples of products sold by these reps.

In many cases, you may be told where to go to sell these products. However, other companies may allow you to choose where you travel, so long as you’re able to hit certain sales targets. You’ll get to explore different locations, which could be very fulfilling if you love traveling. A background in sales will usually help when applying for these jobs. In some cases, being able to speak another language may be advantageous.

Medical Professional Jobs on a Cruise Ship

Healthcare Jobs for Travelers are a great way to explore the world and get paid – but it can also be exhausting. Photo: Pexels

Many cruise ships hire a team of nurses and doctors to be on hand if someone is injured or falls ill. While you’ll spend most of your time aboard the ship working, you may get to explore different destinations on your days off. or you can simply make the most of the leisure facilities on board the ship).

Cruise ship nurse and doctor vacancies can be highly sought after. You’ll usually need experience working in a hospital first before you can work on a cruise ship. Emergency room experience is most valuable as you will mostly be dealing with medical emergencies. You will usually need to apply directly through cruise ship recruitment sites, although you may find some vacancies via general healthcare recruitment agencies.

Resort Healthcare Jobs

The Atlantis Paradise Island, The Bahamas is an inconic resort and adventure park.
The Atlantis Paradise Island, The Bahamas is an iconic resort and adventure park. Photo: Pixabay

Large resorts around the world hire teams of nurses and doctors. Such a role involves treating any injuries or illnesses that guests or resort staff members may experience while on the resort. On your days off, you’ll enjoy the resort’s amenities. Alternatively, you can explore the local area on your days off. By taking on seasonal work at different resorts, you can explore different places around the world.

As with cruise ship nursing, you’ll usually need experience working in an emergency room in a hospital before getting a job at a resort.

Medical resort jobs are few and far between, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for adverts and apply as soon as you can in order to be considered. It may even be worth directly applying to resorts even if they are not hiring, just in case they may be looking for someone in the future.

Healthcare Jobs in the Armed Forces

Travel nurse is just one of the many healthcare jobs for travelers. Photo: Pexels

The Army, Navy, and Air Force all have vacancies for medical staff. These medical healthcare positions treat any serving Armed Force member who may fall ill or be injured. When working in the armed forces, you’ll usually be stationed abroad at some point. This is a great opportunity to work and see different countries.

To get a job as a military nurse, you’ll first need to obtain a nursing degree. You can then get experience working in a civilian hospital or clinic before becoming a military nurse, or you can apply directly for a military position.

To work for the military, you will need to complete some military training. This includes a fitness test and various drills. Joining the armed forces is definitely not for everyone, and you need to understand the risks and pressures.

Of course, there are many great benefits to working as a military nurse including student loan forgiveness, low-cost health insurance and a generous pension.

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