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British Columbia: An Outdoor Lover’s Dream

British Columbia is an outdoor lovers dream!

It takes boldness to give itself a tagline of ‘The Best Place on Earth,’ but in British Columbia, it seems all too appropriate. Below, we take a look at the many outdoor opportunities this Canadian province provides its visitors and why British Columbia is an outdoor lover’s dream.

4 reasons why British Columbia outdoor lover’s dream
British Columbia is an outdoor lovers dream! Photo Source:

4 Reason Why British Columbia is an Outdoor Lover’s Dream

It’s no secret that Canada’s west coast is a pretty spectacular tourist destination. Here, you can’t just do everything: you can get the best versions of everything. If you love taking scenic drives, the BC’s got you covered. If you love cool, thriving cities, then Vancouver is your spot. Old school charm? Vancouver Island it is. Then, of course, there’s the great outdoors, which is as good here as anywhere in the world. Read on for 4 reasons why we think British Columbia is an outdoor lover’s dream destination.

1. Multi-Day Hikes

This part of the world is serious about its outdoor recreation, which is why British Columbia is consistently an outdoor lover’s dream. Here, you don’t just go for a hike and then return to the comfort of the modern world: you stay outdoors for days.

BC has some incredible multi day hikes, the most famous of which is the West Coast Trail, which is located on Vancouver Island. You’ll be out there for up to a week, but it’ll be oh so worth it; the trail bypasses beaches, rainforests, and always has a stunning view.

4 reasons why British Columbia outdoor lover’s dream includes biking.
Discover a range of biking trails in Canada’s British Columbia.

2. Mountain Biking

Prefer to have fun by going a bit faster, ideally on two wheels? Then you’re in luck because BC has some of the world’s best mountain biking. Explore the mountain biking trails on the mountains of North Vancouver, and then northwest to Kamloops. There, you’ll be able to discover a range of trails, which can be through forests, along hills, or bypassing rugged volcanic landscapes.

Afterwards, freshen up at Quality Inn Kamloops before joining your fellow adventurers at one of the local bars. Your body will be tired, but you won’t mind with the amount of fun you’re having.

3. Taking in the Views

You don’t always have to be moving to have a good time. Sometimes, the best moments can be had just looking at the magnificent outdoors. If you enjoy this type of sedentary pastime, then you’ll be no shortage of things to do in BC.

If you’re based in Vancouver, take a drive up to Whistler, which offers many beautiful views. Along the view, you’ll also be able to stop at Porteau Cove, which offers a beautiful, picturesque, and ever typical BC landscape.

4 reasons why British Columbia outdoor lover’s dream is its wildlife
Wildlife in British Columbia include bears, bison, eagles, wolves, or the awesome Spirit Bear.

4. Wildlife Sightseeing

With so much nature here, you better believe that BC is a fantastic place to do a spot of wildlife viewing. The question is, what do you want to see? Whether it’s bears, bison, eagles, wolves, or the awesome Spirit Bear, you’ll have opportunities across British Columbia.

It’s in the water, however, where things can get interesting. You’ll have the chance to see a whole host of marine life that many people consider ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences.

On Vancouver Island, for example, you might just see Orca whales, dolphins, otters, seals, sea lions, or humpback whales. That’s quite the collection!

Whatever outdoor aspects you love, you’ll find plenty of things to do in British Columbia – “The Best Place on Earth!”

4 reasons why British Columbia Outdoor Lover's Dream

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