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3 Amazing Adventures in St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S.

Within its 32 miles, St. Thomas Virgin Islands US offers many amazing adventures

Measuring at just 32 square miles in size, St. Thomas offers so many amazing adventures on this Caribbean island paradise. Swing a club at its renowned golf course. Shop til you drop. Take your adventures to the water with world-class sailing, snorkeling, and diving. Or dive into its culture and history.  With so much to do and see, our guest author suggests these 3 amazing adventures in St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S.

Within its 32 miles, St. Thomas Virgin Islands US offers many amazing adventures
Within its 32 miles, St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S. offers many amazing adventures. Photo credit: Pixabay

Experience 3 Amazing Adventures in St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S.

1. Experience Water-Related Activities in St. Thomas
2. Inland Tours on St. Thomas
3. Water Tours in St. Thomas

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Those who visit the United States Virgin Islands for the first time will immediately understand that St. Thomas offers more than just the usual tropical vacation fare. While beach activities, its delectable cuisine and the excellent St. Thomas boat rental facilities are enough to make for a relaxing holiday, the island has even more amazing adventures to experience and enjoy. Before your plane touches down on the tarmac, you’ll realize that you may need to spend more time on the island to fully take everything in.

From the plane, you’ll see its cliffs jutting out of the green jungles that surround them, the turquoise waters that line its powdery white shores and the structures that hint of its rich history. In fact, most visitors to the U.S. Virgin Islands will be treated to the same splendor, because St. Thomas is the main entry point of this American territory.

Despite this tourist traffic, some parts of the island remain undeveloped, which means that you can also visit some parts of it and see them just like how seafarers and Buccaneers did centuries ago. Discover what adventures await travelers visiting St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S.

1. Experience Water-related activities in St. Thomas

Not to miss -- the sunsets on St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S.

There are tons of water-related activities for you and your family on the beaches of St. Thomas. Take a dip in its clear green waters or relax while sunbathing on its beautiful beaches. Since the beaches of the island, particularly Magens Bay beach, are among of the world’s most beautiful beaches according to National Geographic, the experience will be unlike any other. Or you can take a St. Thomas Island tour.

Lounging on the beach may not cut it for younger members of your family. For the free-spirited members of your group, they can expend all their energy in other watery adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boating, kayaking, powerboating, and sportfishing.


2. Inland Tours in St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S.

St. Thomas offers many attractions within the island from foodie stops, historical sites, hiking, and adrenaline-filled adventures. The island is a haven for foodies as restaurants offering a wide selection of cuisines from native delicacies, island specialties, and fusion European feasts dot the areas of Frenchtown and downtown St. Thomas.

Once you have had your fill, you’ll be set to take in the various attractions within the island include the 99 Steps that cut through the city, Blackbeard’s Castle, the Botanical Garden, the Mountain Top view and then cap everything off by taking a thrilling zip line ride back down to Magens Bay beach.

Shopping and sightseeing on the island of St. Thomas should include a visit to Blackbeard’s Castle. Photo credit: Viator

If zip lines are a no-no for you, you may want visit and browse around the world-famous duty-free shopping spots in St. Thomas, including the capital Charlotte Amalie, Havensight Mall, Red Hoo,k and Crown Bay Center. Those who prefer to be closer to nature can also go hiking in the island’s nature trails or visit the Coral World Ocean Park and Underwater Observatory.

3. Water Tours in St. Thomas

Take your adventure to the beautiful Caribbean Sea when visiting St. Thomas Virgin Islands
Take your adventure to the beautiful Caribbean Sea when visiting St. Thomas Virgin Islands U.S. Photo: Pixabay

While planning your visit to the island, check out St. Thomas boat rental facilities to enjoy the island’s ecotour offerings. St. Thomas boat rental services can take you to various spots on the island and the surrounding islands to enjoy aquatic wildlife, pods of dolphins, rare geographical blowholes, old sea forts, and beautiful coral reefs and mangrove lagoons.

These are just three of the many other activities that you can enjoy while on your vacation in St. Thomas. As with other vacation adventures, it will be a good idea to plan ahead of time to ensure a fun and stress-free vacation. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the dry season in St. Thomas runs from January to March, while the wet season begins from September and ends in November.

More about St. Thomas

Where is St. Thomas Virgin Islands?

Where exactly is St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands? An island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, St Thomas is the gateway isle of the U.S. Virgin Islands, just off the southeastern coast of Florida. Along with the islands of St. John, St. Croix and Water Island, these islands make up the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), an unincorporated territory of the United States. For United States citizens, this means no passport is required to visit!

St. Thomas Virgin Island Weather

The U.S. Virgin Islands – including St. Thomas — boasts one season — summer!  Comparing average temperatures in the winter months (like January) and the summer months, the temperature varies only by 5 or 6 degrees.  Year-round temperatures stay in the low to mid-80s Fahrenheit, while winter rarely drops below 75 degrees.  And the Virgin Islands are potentially impacted for hurricane season, so plan accordingly.

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