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Don't miss visiting America's highest altitude zoo, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where kids can feed the giraffes.

6 Things to Do in Colorado Springs with Kids

Living in Colorado, we have exceptional travel experiences within walking distance or a short road trip. From its amazing zoo to riding the rails, Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region is a frequent destination for our multigenerational family travel …

Spring Break Family Travel: Procrastinator or Planner?

Spring Break Family Travel: Procrastinator or Planner?

Spring break vacation is upon us! Maybe it’s time to figure out where to take the family?  Or are you one of those who planned your spring break family travel months ago?  (Seriously, are there moms out there that do …


Family Travel, Grandma Taxi and VolunteerSpot

A single mom, 2 daughters, multiple school and sports activities – that was me at what seemed like a minute ago. Flash forward a couple of decades to me and my husband, 2 married daughters, 2 stepdaughters, 1 “adopted” son, …

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