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Review Sandbaggers golf shoes for women


SashaSorbetI love shoes. I hesitate to tell you how much, as evidenced by my dozens and dozens of pairs scattered throughout my walk-in closet. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when asked to review a new pair of Sandbaggers Golf Shoes and burned cyberspace to respond with a resounding yes!

As I waited for my complimentary shoes to arrive, I tallied the number of years I had worn my current pair of golf shoes (Nike), I am embarrassed to say more than 10 years. It was long past time to retire these trusty old pair of golf shoes. To be honest, until the last few years, lady golfers really haven’t had a lot of colorful — or comfortable — choices; thus why I’d kept my old pair for so long.

As the Sandbaggers website says: “As more and more women pick up the game of golf, they are always looking for new ways to stay fashionable while on the greens. Sandbaggers shoes, are a great product, made specifically with the female golfer in mind. Golf shirts can be fashionable, so can skirts and shorts—but those shoes have traditionally been an issue. Not anymore thanks to the great people behind Sandbaggers. The shoes not only provide style and fashion for the links, they are also very comfortable and are made to fit every kind of foot. That means there’s no longer an excuse to miss that next game!”

I agree. I packed my new Sasha Sorbet style (love the pink!) golf shoes for a recent golf trip to the Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club, and I also packed my old pair, just in case. Usually it takes a few wears to get any pair of shoes, especially golf, to be comfortable, so I wanted a back up.

Once I put my new golf shoes on for the first round at the Island Course at Innisbrook, my feet said “ah” — and I never had to pull out the old ones. No blister on the heel, not too tight in the toes, they were perfect!


The next day I played another 18 holes at Innisbrook’s championship Copperhead Course — and again, the shoes were comfortable from the beginning to end.

Not only are these Sandbagger shoes beautiful and stylish, but they’re also comfortable and made for walking the golf courses. You don’t have to sacrifice foot comfort when TravelingInHeels! Take another look at their website, and order yourself a pair.

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