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Magical Kingdom of Disney


Disney3737As far back as I can remember, my niece always wanted to go to “Disney.” She didn’t want the exotic, passport-requiring destinations like when her sister visited Panama’s Gamboa Resort.

When we drove into the Disney kingdoms, it was all worth it to see my niece Journey’s big smile, a smile that never ended that day. We stepped into the Magic Kingdom, with the fairy tale castle in the distance, and our adventure began. This was Journey’s first theme park, and it couldn’t have been more magical.

We arrived in time for the Main Street parade — what a way to kick off the day. When we walked toward the castle, we noted a crowd gathering and voila!

DisneyprincessesOur timing was on for a stage show with all the princesses in front of the castle. She stood spellbound watching the show, Snow White & her prince, Cinderella & her prince, Mickey & Minnie…twirling and dancing.

Journey was even pulled out of the crowd in the Frontierland to be a part of the show. She rode her first roller coaster, Thunder Mountain, TWICE!  Our visit was a Sunday, so there were some lines, but our wait times weren’t more than 10 minutes.

By the time we left the park, we were exhausted but the stop at Disney was a must! And just seeing Journey’s smile, which kept getting bigger and bigger, was worth it all.
Until next time, Diana