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Firsts in Orlando


From my last post, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio, you might recall that my niece Journey is traveling with me. This Orlando trip is a series of firsts for my 10-year-old niece.  Share her “journey” in the following pictures:
Our local friends picked us up at the airport and we stopped off at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. It’s about 30 minutes from the Orlando airport, a slice of cheesy tourist, but great fun.

OrlandoatlanticFrom catfish to gator, it’s a greasy spoon with a swamp twist. The fun part, of course, is riding the airboat, for a tour of the swamp. We knew it would be good because as we waited several gators lurked in the waters below us. Journey’s upclose look at gator is pictured left, and this alligator was none to happy with us interrupting his sleep. He even hissed at us before submerging in the waters.
After our gator sightings, how could we refuse Journey’s need to see the ocean for the first time? Our fine escorts (thanks Bob & Rick) drove us another 30 minutes to Cocoa Beach for her first wade into the ocean. It was a busy Saturday night with a beach filled with college kids partying, a la tent-gating, but that didn’t halt my niece’s first ocean experience.

Sunday, we visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom, another first for Journey, but more on that flip-flop adventure later.

Until next time,