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Beer and Chocolate, 2012 the Belgian Year of Gastronomy

Belgian beer is a sip worth sipping. Photo: Diana Rowe

It seems like yesterday that I explored Brussels, Belgium for the first time, but the taste of the chocolate and the beer is still fresh in my memory — as well as my tired feet from walking the cobblestone streets in search of said chocolate and beer!

Belgian beer is a sip worth sipping. Photo: Diana RoweBelgian beer is a taste worth discovering. Belgium is home to more than 100 breweries producing more than 500 beers.

Allow me to again quote my Belgian tour guide Joyce Mousny from Our Explorer:

If you’re not tasting Belgian chocolate (70% cocoa), then you’re only eating cocoa flavored candy.

Photo courtesy Visit Belgium
Beer and chocolate aficiondas mark your calendars! Belgium is dedicating 2012 to the flavors of Belgian cuisine! Belgium is a gourmet paradise, with among the highest density of Michelin star-rated restaurants in Europe.

Eat your way through Belgium with beer and chocolate tasting tours. From street foods like waffles to traditional dishes like moules frites, we can provide a range of suggestions where your group can have a memorable meal in Brussels and French-speaking Belgium.

For women and small groups, I recommend Jackie Grandchamps at French Escapade, personalized escorted tours where you’ll feel like her family.