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Adventures in Orlando’s Disneyworld

Animal Programs Photo: Animal Kingdom Lodge

It’s official. Orlando’s Walt Disney World won’t be the same when me and several bloggers converge for a retreat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This won’t be my first trip to Disney as late last summer I visited the Magic Kingdom with my niece Journey. But it will be my first sleepover at a Disney Park hotel. It will also be my first park adventure without kids in tow.Animal Programs Photo: Animal Kingdom Lodge That’s right no diaper bags, no crying children, no naps and no shrieks of child-like laughter — oh well, maybe not the last one.

So be prepared for some interesting girl-talk about our adventures, but let’s start where I begin before heading to the airport –I always check out where I’m staying!

Aparently the Animal Kingdom Lodge is an African lodge-style resort — African-inspired architecture and the kraal African-village landscape design amidst a 43-acre wildlife preserve. Well, I’ve always wanted to on a safari, so I am indeed intrigued. I’m also psyched to step onto the elevated rock platform—Arusha Rock— for “up-close glimpses of the animals and a panoramic view of the sprawling grounds…including a picture reminiscent of the unspoiled African grasslands.”

The Animal Kingdom Lodge also gives guests an opportunity to observe exotic animals from special acloves with glass windows through the Resort. Oh supercool — some of those viewing points for from balconies of select Guest rooms.  Could I be so lucky?

Jiko culinary delights Photo: Animal KingdomLodge
But then Disney had the foodie in me with “Savor authentic African cuisine at the Resort’s 2 award-winning restaurants, Jiko – The Cooking Place and Boma – Flavors of Africa.”  WE’re dining there on Friday night — yippee!

Well, we’ll know all about those experiences soon enough as I depart Thursday for Orlando to sample Walt Disney World including accommodations at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Hopefully time will allow for many updates while I’m experiencing the magical Walt Disney World, but if not, you can follow me on Twitter!

Photos courtesy of Animal Kingdom Lodge.